Transiting Eros on natal Neptune


    Neptune-Eros-Conj.jpg Transiting Eros conjunct natal Neptune

    You may find it easier than usual to become infatuated with the object of your affection.

    Though you may both long for emotional and sexual connection now, you can also become obsessed with your love interest, losing sight of all but your connection with them. It’s easy for you to become creative and sensual now as you explore your sexual desires now.

    Your romantic, spiritual and sexual sides are merged now and you can easily fall head over heels with a love interest, or with your idealized version of your love interest. Even if you fall for an illusion of who you think your love interest is, it will make no difference now.

    The pleasure and desire you explore will be fulfilling enough to lead you to disregard whether your love is requited or not.

    Transiting Eros sextile natal Neptune

    During this time you may find it easier than usual to express your erotic desires through spiritual and creative channels.

    You may become infatuated with an idealistic view of who you think your love interest is. You may also become obsessed with a partner who you believe to be your Soul Mate or Twinflame. This can be an exciting time to explore sexual fantasies that involve mysticism and spirituality.

    Losing yourself in a relationship or losing yourself in imagination and fantasies can become part of your sexual and romantic fantasies now.

    Transiting Eros square natal Neptune

    During this time you may find it more challenging than usual to express your sexual desires.

    You may be confused by a love interest that involves more illusions than shared desire. You may also try to express your fantasies or desires only to find a relationship stalls or never quite develops on the deep level you desire.

    This is an important time to work through limitations or restrictions that hinder your imagination or romantic or sexual desires.

    When you work through your hang ups or illusions, you may find it easier to leverage erotic energy to express your creative, spiritual and unconditionally loving side.

    Transiting Eros trine natal Neptune

    During this time you may find it easier to express your erotic nature in creative, spiritual and artistic ways.

    You may become infatuated by a partner or love interest who helps you shift your consciousness. Even the idea of changing consciousness can become arousing and you may blend addictive processes with romantic and sensual encounters, all to shift your sense of reality and find a more intimate connection with your love interest.

    You can become more passionate, creative and imaginative about how you express your romantic and sexual attraction now. You may also become infatuated with the idea of losing yourself or roleplaying.

    Transiting Eros opposite natal Neptune

    You may find it challenging to discern between your deep desires and sexual fantasies and the reality of your attraction to a partner.

    Your love interest may be a source of arousal and excitement now but you may also begin to lose your stable grounding in the pursuit of a love interest. Though you may feel compelled to explore your desires on a deeper level now, you may still fall prey to illusions and confusion.

    As a result, you may chase your desires and fantasies or hold out high expectations for devotion from a partner who doesn’t share your level of commitment and connection.

    It’s important for you to now step back and confront the ways in which your imagination is leading you to fantasize about someone who is unavailable or ways in which you may be convincing yourself to believe in a pleasurable daydream that is not based in reality.

    If you confront your own illusions now, you can become more aware of how pleasure seeking is becoming like an addiction, leading you to deceive yourself and stray from what you really desire.

    Transiting Eros quincunx natal Neptune

    During this time you may find it more challenging than usual to express your creativity and sexual nature.

    You may have vivid fantasies and desires but feel shy or introverted about pursuing your desires. Instead of going to extremes and hiding your feelings behind overtly sexual pursuits, take the time to really process how you are feeling and what you desire now.

    When you do, you’ll be better able to express your desires and romantic fantasies in new and creative ways. You’ll be able to find greater security in your desire for your love interest.

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