Transiting Eros on natal Chiron

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    Chiron-Eros-Conj.jpg Transiting Eros conjunct natal Chiron

    During this time you may find it easy to become infatuated and aroused by a partner who reminds you of some aspect of your past.

    Your past wounds and traumas may lead you to follow your fantasies and re-enact some aspect of your past experience as you try to find closure, healing and wisdom. Your fantasies may involve some aspects of past wounds or traumas in order to give you a new perspective or new understanding of your past experiences.

    You may feel aroused by sensations and experiences that make you feel alienated or that you feel others won’t easily relate to.

    Yet you may also become more confident in yourself and in your erotic desires now and this can lead you to become a beacon for others who feel misunderstood or alienated, especially because of sexual wounds or sexual traumas.

    Transiting Eros sextile natal Chiron

    You may feel aroused by the prospect of re-enacting a loss or wound from your past now.

    During this time you can find playful intimate exploration to be a powerful vehicle for healing your past wounds and becoming more accepting of your sexual desires and erotic nature.

    You may feel alienated because of unresolved past wounds but your quest for pleasure can add to your healing and sense of integration now.

    Transiting Eros square natal Chiron

    During this time you may find it challenging to express your infatuation and erotic desires because of wounds related to your past.

    This is an important time to realign your passion and your unique intuition and wisdom. You may have to overcome some friction or obstacles related to your erotic nature so that you can more easily draw on your passions and desires in order to find intuitive wisdom and healing. ou can overcome a sense of alienation and isolation now as well.

    Transiting Eros trine natal Chiron

    During this time you may find it easy to draw on your erotic and passionate nature and find more complete healing and perspective.

    You may have an intense desire to re-enact a traumatic past experience or draw on the power of an intimate relationship in order to find support and validation that you did not experience in your past.

    This can be a powerful time to sublimate your sexual energy and find healing and wisdom because of being apart from the crowd in the past.

    An insecurity or wound that was fostered as a result of this alienation can now become a focal point for sexual exploration and the source of admiration or attraction in an intimate relationship.

    Transiting Eros opposite natal Chiron

    During this time you may find it challenging to reconcile your erotic desires and your need to heal from a past wound.

    This can be a difficult time to express your erotic and sensual nature and can trigger past traumas especially traumas and wounds related to past alienation or sexual experiences. This can be an important time to find common ground between your desire for pleasure and erotic connection and your need to find deeper healing and intuitive perspective now.

    This can be an ideal time to face your fears and past traumas. Rather than sanitizing your ideals and avoiding your erotic desires and longing for pleasure, this is a time to draw on your passionate energy and work to make peace with your past.

    You can embrace your wounds and fears now and can find deeper meaning in your past suffering.

    Transiting Eros quincunx natal Chiron

    During this time you may become insecure about your erotic nature.

    You may need to work through past wounds and insecurities now and though you may feel infatuated with a love interest or object of your desires, you may not be ready to explore your desires and fantasies. You may need to work through fears and insecurities now so that you can explore your deeper desires and find greater healing and overcome past wounds.

    This can be an important time to find greater strength and acceptance of your erotic and sexual nature. Your past wounds may stand in the way of your confidence in your sexual desires and the more you work on reclaiming your sexual energy and desires, the more you will also be able to find perspective and healing, helping others to overcome similar insecurities as well.

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