Transiting Eros on natal Pallas

By 12andus

Pallas-Eros-Conj.jpg Transiting Eros conjunct natal Pallas

During this time you may find it arousing and infatuating to become part of a cause or mission.

You may become obsessed with an intellectual objective or take a more strategic and idealistic approach to sexual pleasures. Your fantasies may be less spontaneous and more strategically planned.

You may also become infatuated with a partner who has strong ideals and opinions or who is helping you as a Mentor or guide. Your sexual passions and creative energy can fuel your efforts to create positive change in your life.

You may jump into action and apply precision, focus and vision in your efforts to make a dramatic improvement either for yourself or for others around you, by drawing on your passions and erotic energy now.

Your passion for justice and change can blend with your passion for personal intimacy and pleasure now as well.

Transiting Eros sextile natal Pallas

During this time you may draw on your creative, passionate and obsessive energy to fuel your desire for change.

Your role as a catalyst for progress and transformation is easily harnessed to drive deeper pleasure seeking. You are aware of the greater patterns at play around you and this includes finding pleasure and eroticism in your mission and campaign.

You may find it easier than usual to express your desire for passion and intimate connection now as well. This can be a good time to draw on your strategic nature and higher vision to create a stronger bond with an intimate partner.

You may also become infatuated with your mission or ideal vision now and this can manifest both in your imagination and in your actual relationship with an intimate partner who also serves as a mentor.

Transiting Eros square natal Pallas

During this time you may find it challenging to express your erotic nature as you may fear losing control.

Your mission or vision may be hindered by your erotic desires and infatuation with an intimate partner who seems to be your ideal. You may find it difficult to see past your obsessive desire now or may feel so overcome with erotic desire that you become distracted from your true higher mission.

Though you may feel tensions rise now, you can use this energy as a catalyst to delve into your deeper fantasies and explore your desire for intimacy. This can be a time of dramatic personal progress, as you strive toward your ambitions, you may have to adjust your perspective in some way.

When you make a change to your approach or ideas about eroticism, you can find the passionate and creative energy that fuels your mission rather than working against it.

Transiting Eros trine natal Pallas

You may find it easier to draw on your erotic desires to fuel your mission and contribute to your cause now.

This is an ideal time to blend the creative and intense infatuation you feel with your greater vision. You may take a more strategic and intellectual approach to pursuing your desires now. This is also an important time to draw on your intense desires and align with your ideals and views of progress and advancement.

When you do, you’ll be better able to carry out your mission or fulfill your desire to blend passion and connection to an exciting and alluring mentor who may also become an intimate partner now.

Transiting Eros opposite natal Pallas

During this time, you may find it difficult to reconcile your conflicting drives.

On the one hand, you may have an intense desire or fantasies about deepening an intimate relationship and exploring your fantasies and pleasure now. Yet on the other hand, you may have a strong devotion to what you consider your mission or cause.

Your passionate devotion to your cause can be your top priority and seem more righteous and idealistic than your pursuit of personal pleasure and intimate connection, yet both are important and your desire to pursue both paths may be highly aroused now.

The challenge during this time is to step back and find the balance between your erotic desires and your larger mission. You may be aroused by the ideas of success and accomplishment now and this can fuel your erotic desires.

You don’t have to sacrifice one goal for the other but should strive to find balance between these two intense sources of creative energy.

Transiting Eros quincunx natal Pallas

During this time you may find it challenging to fulfill your calling or mission as an agent for change and justice because of an arousing infatuation.

You can struggle to focus on your higher purpose and ideals now because sexual desires or an intimate partnership causes drama or undermines your focus. Your vision may be skewed by this infatuation and this can get in the way of you having full confidence in your plans or strategies now.

This can be an important time to revisit your strategies for growth and personal advancement and consider how your intimate relationships and pursuit of pleasure fits in with your strategies for growth and success now.

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