Transiting Eros on natal Pholus

By 12andus

Pholus-Eros-Conj.jpg Transiting Eros conjunct natal Pholus

During this time your arousal and passions for a love interest may explode and take on a surprising turn.

An unexpected or dramatic change in circumstances can intensify the attraction and devotion you feel for a partner. You may become aroused by the unexpected and even crisis or challenging situations that escalate out of control can become a source of passion and pleasure for you.

A partner may become the catalyst for a Black Swan event in your life that throws the lid of your passions and sexuality now and you may unleash greater sexual energy and attraction toward someone who is unpredictable, exciting and stimulating.

What appears to be an routine decision or attraction can become amplified before you realize what you’ve gotten yourself into and an affair can become both intense and dramatic.

Transiting Eros sextile natal Pholus

You may now find it easier than usual to express your erotic desires.

In doing so, without even realizing it, you can unleash dramatic changes or turning points that can shake down your sense of identity and your commitment to a partner. Though all of this dramatic and unsettled energy can cause tension, you are more likely to see it as fuel for the fires of your passions.

Your desires and arousal can escalate now as your circumstances change in dramatic ways. You may be aroused by a person who challenges or disrupts your life in some needed way now as well.

Transiting Eros square natal Pholus

Your sexual desires and passions are met with tension and friction as a major turning point makes it difficult for you to explore your desires and fantasies now.

A passionate affair or intimate relationship may be thwarted by a dramatic turning point. Circumstances beyond your control can stifle your expressions of admiration and intimacy or cause you to second guess your infatuation with a partner.

Yet if you draw on your sexual excitement and desires as motivation to continue to pursue the object of your infatuation now, you’ll be much better able to fulfill your desires for pleasure.

In spite of or perhaps because of the tumultuous changes underfoot, you can come to enhance your connection with an intimate partner or object of your adoration.

Transiting Eros trine natal Pholus

During this time you may find it easier to leverage your passions and arousal to pursue pleasure in the midst of a chaotic, changing situation.

A dramatic turning point beyond your control can help you unleash your passions and desires in an extreme way now. You may become more zealous about your infatuation with a loved one or your sexual desires and fantasies may take on a strange or unexpected twist.

Explore taboo and unusual sexual interests now. Let the unusual circumstances in which you find yourself become the catalyst for more dramatic acceptance and exploration of what brings you excitement and pleasure.

Transiting Eros opposite natal Pholus

During this time you may feel deeply conflicted about your desires and sexuality and a dramatic turning point beyond your control.

You may feel torn between pursuing pleasure and intimacy and dealing with the fallout from an unexpected crisis or turning point. You may feel the need to establish security but also have a strong urge to express your passions and follow your infatuation with a person or thing you admire.

Though you may have to contend with unsettling circumstances, you don’t need to surrender your desire for pleasure.

Your passions can fuel your motivation to help you find your way through a crisis or turning point now if you give yourself a chance to balance your longings and obsessions and your need to make dramatic changes.

This may be the time to question whether changes you are compelled to make are leading you closer to or farther from what satisfies you and brings pleasure into your life now.

Transiting Eros quincunx natal Pholus

During this time you may find it challenging to express your passions and desires because a dramatic turning point rattles your sense of security.

You may have felt like you were on your way to deepening an intimate connection with the object of your desires and passions, when a dramatic and unexpected crisis throws you off your game. Your desires and passions can be downplayed now because you are trying to keep yourself grounded during a time of change.

Yet when you step back and re-examine the situation with a different perspective, you may find that you are in an ideal position to find greater confidence in your desires and use your passion and sexual nature to make much needed changes during this time of unprecedented turning points or chaos.

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