Sun in Aries, Sun in Taurus, Sun in Gemini, Sun in Cancer in the composite chart: How do we channel our energy and will?

sun.jpg Composite Sun in Aries

You both share a love of excitement and activity. Yours must be an active, dynamic relationship.

If either of you is a homebody, it can challenge this relationship.

You both need to be present, passionate, assertive and forthright in order for this relationship to thrive.

In this relationship you share a sense of optimism and may be positive about the future. Try to stay active and reinvent yourselves so that boredom is never an issue.

You both may need to be clear about your desires. If either of you feel as if you are being overlooked or ignored, the relationship will suffer.

It’s best for you to both have plenty of opportunities to express your unique needs. Sexuality, health, adventure and a bit of challenge is necessary in this relationship.

When you both work together, you bring passion, excitement, adventure and a fresh perspective to the world.

You can combine the best of your shared talents to challenge yourselves and help others see new possibilities.

Composite Sun in Taurus

You both need comfort, security and luxury in order to feel the relationship is achieving its purpose.

Boundaries are essential in this relationship, as is respect. Always be honest with each other, as you will both sense deception and will completely shut down if you feel the other is not being transparent.

Romance and sensuality are essential to this relationship. Your home, family, pets and ability to host and entertain will likely be a highlight of your relationship.

You both need admiration and pampering but will be devoted and loyal to each other.

It may be hard for each of you to keep the connection strong from a distance. You both need to be physically present for the relationship to feel stable.

It’s also important to appreciate your quality time together. You each need to value each others’ talents.

By working together, you both can bring the best of your talents for creating comfort, luxury and sharing pleasurable moments.

Your shared artistic and creative gifts can also help your partnership become a hub of nurturing and affection for family and the community at large.

Composite Sun in Gemini

This relationship is driven by excitement and variety. You share an intellectual bond and need to mentally stimulate each other.

Communication is essential. Not just honesty and positivity, but communication regarding every detail of your fantasies and dreams.

You both need to be heard and may struggle to take turns speaking and listening. Yet your relationship is never boring.

You both have an extensive group of friends and will likely value your social life as much as the romance.

While you both are certain to stay busy, it helps if you can introduce each other to new hobbies. Always having things to learn from and teach to each other keeps this relationship vital.

You both have a special message to share. Not only with each other but also with the world.

Through your relationship to each other, you can easily create new lines of communication that builds understanding, fun and joy.

Composite Sun in Cancer

Through your relationship, you create nurturing, security and even a sense of family and belonging.

This is likely to also involve creating family literally by having children or raising children together, or through the larger community as you may share a love of nurturing those around you.

Home is essential to this relationship. In order for you both to be happy, you must each feel at home in your surroundings.

Being present for each other requires affection, open displays of love, and empathy for each other’s feelings.

You can both be savvy and intuitive. There will be no chance for success in this relationship unless you both feel you can truly let your guard down and be yourself.

This also involves being able to freely express your insecurities and feelings.

This is a relationship that may create the hub not only for family but also for a shared business interest.

You may easily blend romance and career by partnering in a business related to home, family, children, finance, or food.

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