Sun in Leo, Sun in Virgo, Sun in Libra, Sun in Scorpio in the composite chart: How do we channel our energy and will?<br>

sun.jpg Composite Sun in Leo

As a couple, you both need to be free to be yourselves.

This involves sharing the spotlight as much as it involves playing off each other’s entertaining energy.

Together, you are dynamic, fun-loving, generous and assertive. You can be a real celebrity-style “power couple” and may project the image of power, wealth and a perfect romance.

Be honest with each other about how you’re really feeling though. Any emotions pent up may come pouring out at inopportune times.

Your shared talents can lead you to achieve some fame, recognition, or notoriety. When you work together, you may share your passion for philanthropy or leadership in the arts or performing arts.

Be sure to reinforce your feelings for each other through actions. If one of you doesn’t express your love openly, the other can easily become jealous and possessive.

You may both also need to see material signs of love such as expensive gifts in order to feel secure.

Composite Sun in Virgo

Your relationship may not really seem to be about each other. You need to have opportunities to be of service to others.

Regardless of how affectionate you both can be, it’s important for you both to be reserved and humble as well. In public, you may both resist public displays of affection.

This relationship needs stability and you may create a healthy lifestyle together. You may encourage each other to become experts on a topic of shared interest especially related to healing, gardening, herbs, animals, nature or books.

You may also enhance each other’s analytical skills or help each other complete research.

This relationship needs to be built on regular schedules, plans and routines. You need to be on the same page as far as goals are concerned.

You will each look for milestones as a measure of where you stand in the relationship.

Patience is also essential. The pace of this relationship may be slow by some peoples’ standards.

Take your time and create a solid foundation, this is not a relationship that should be rushed. Your ideal connection would involve animals, healthy habits, and an organized, quiet home.

Composite Sun in Libra

Relationships may not always be exactly fifty-fifty, but the two of you will keep tabs to make sure things are as balanced as possible.

You need harmony, balance and fair effort from each other in order for this relationship to thrive.

Beauty is also required for this relationship to thrive. This may seem shallow at times.

You are both drawn to an ideal aesthetic and if one of you becomes lax about self-care it can undermine the relationship.

Together, you may use your shared artistic talents to create visual art, music, or to explore dance or theater together.

You both need to balance romantic nights out at cultural or artistic events with intimate nights at home together.

Fairness is important to you both as well. Through this relationship, you may both become successful advocates for others.

Neither will tolerate bullying or dominating of others, yet you will also both need to work to avoid procrastination or indecision.

Composite Sun in Scorpio

Together, you may create a deeply passionate and intense emotional bond. You may also both sabotage each other because of jealousy and possessiveness.

You’ve both got to work through these insecurities so you can bring out the best of this relationship.

You may take each other to the edge of ecstasy or frustration, or both. If one or both of you have not truly worked through past losses and wounds, the best of this relationship may not fully come to fruition.

On the other hand, if you are willing to be open, both of you can be initiators of change and dramatic awakenings.

Spirituality, mystery, secrecy, and emotional healing are all essential to this relationship.

You are both likely to know how to get noticed in a crowd. You’ll either be the slightly-uncomfortably adorable couple who can’t keep your hands off each other, or the couple throwing wine in each other’s faces and making a scene.

Some degree of drama keeps this relationship going.

You may come into each other’s lives at a crucial time when loss and transformation are prominent.

Try to bring out the best in each other and yourselves rather than giving in to fears.

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