Sun in Sagittarius, Sun in Capricorn, Sun in Aquarius, Sun in Pisces in the composite chart: How do we channel our energy and will?

sun.jpg Composite Sun in Sagittarius

You both need to have shared ideals and a strong moral compass. Spirituality, philosophy and adventure are key to this relationship.

Your connection is most likely to thrive if you can help each other expand your horizons. Through your relationship, you both gain wisdom and higher understanding.

You may also create contributions to society and humanity together through the arts or philanthropy.

You both need to be open to exploring different cultures. Any narrow-minded attitudes or resistance to trying new things can undermine this relationship.

You both need to be open to extensive travel or even living on the road. Too much repetition or time at home will undermine the success of this relationship.

Composite Sun in Capricorn

Your relationship needs a sense of tradition and structure. Family and home is important to you both, but you’re not likely to slack at home when there’s work to be done.

You’re an industrious couple. Your relationship thrives when you have work to do. You may combine your energies and talents and work toward the same goals such as having a shared business.

You may also work to create a stable and comfortable home.

You’re both likely to enjoy luxuries and pampering, but you also recognize value. Not all that glitters is gold and when you each have an aspiration to achieve something together, you’ll sacrifice in order to be able to meet your needs.

You need to be able to count on each other and reliability is huge in this relationship.

Any inconsistency, drama or erratic behavior can undermine the connection you feel to each other. You both may need a traditional setting to explore this relationship.

Be it a place that reminds you of the past, a historic quaint town or a location with ties to your family or heritage, neither of you will ever truly be separate from the nostalgia of the past.

Composite Sun in Aquarius

The motivation for this relationship stems from a desire to help each other break down barriers and evolve.

Your relationship is truly unique and you may be drawn to each other because of an electric attraction or shocking adventures.

You both refuse to be defined and may opt to skip out on traditional terms like “boyfriend” or “husband.” In fact, you may create a language all your own and communicate with each other on your own eccentric terms.

Everything about your relationship may seem quirky to outsiders, but neither of you are likely to care.

You both need to give each other breathing room in the relationship. Independence and space won’t undermine your bond, but too much crowding or intrusiveness will.

You may be united because of a shared interest in unconventional ideas, taboo topics, conspiracy theories or innovative technologies.

Your relationship may break all the rules of tradition as well. Be careful not to rebel against each other as you express your desires for freedom and transformation.

Composite Sun in Pisces

You both need to make your spiritual needs and ideals conscious and feel comfortable sharing your inner worlds with each other.

This is not a relationship that can be treated carelessly. You each have a deep desire for emotional connection and profound healing can take place in this relationship.

It’s essential that you each be present for each other’s vulnerable side. Escapism, fantasy or addictions can cloud this relationship.

Though you are both able to bring creativity and artistic talents to the relationship, be careful not to let fantasies and wishful thinking distort the lessons you each need to work through with each other’s help.

Together, you can each bring out each other’s compassionate nature. Healing, nurturing and empathy are cornerstones of this relationship and need to be appreciated.

If either partner is too aloof or judgmental, the bond may be damaged in this relationship.

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