Venus in Aries, Venus in Taurus, Venus in Gemini, Venus in Cancer in the composite chart: How do we express love and desire for each other?

venus.jpg Composite Venus in Aries

You both love adventure and value optimism, energy and excitement.

Neither of you will settle for a lowkey, quiet relationship. You both need a bit of drama. You also both crave decisiveness in a relationship and it’s important to you that neither partner is wishy-washy.

You expect to be the couple that is always on the move, going places and doing things together. Others admire your shared energy.

The two of you know how to work together to get things done. When it comes to love and romance, neither one of you is slow or cautious. You both need to feel the passion in the relationship.

You’re both decisive and impulsive in this relationship. You don’t like to agonize over details. Instead, you’ll both spring into action.

You’re both concerned with accomplishing your goals and if you’re not careful, selfishness and possessiveness can become an issue in this relationship.

Composite Venus in Taurus

Yours is a romantic, loving, and affectionate relationship. Pleasure is important to you both.

You are also likely to both be concerned with appearance, beauty, and comfort. You’ll go to great lengths to please each other.

At the same time, you both have non-negotiable lines that you draw in the relationship. Compromise is not always easy for the two of you.

You’ll both want to make each other happy but you care very much about your own security and comfort. When your interests align, this relationship is completely smooth.

Yet when you disagree, it can be a tug of war to resolve even the smallest issues. The best way to deal with disagreement is to strive to create a solution you both can feel comfortable with.

Pleasure and sexuality are also important to you both. You each need to feel fully supported by each other. You can trust and rely on each other, yet you each have a jealous streak that is easily triggered.

Composite Venus in Gemini

You both value communication and learning from each other.

This relationship is highly intellectual, yet you both also use your imagination and creativity to keep things interesting.

Each of you needs a high degree of playfulness and fun in order to maintain each other’s interest.

You never stop talking to each other and you both need plenty of mental stimulation. You are also both fond of socializing.

Rather than quiet nights at home, you prefer to go out dancing, then to dinner, then out for drinks with friends before finally coming home in the early hours of the morning.

A key point to remember is that you will both need a balance between time immersed together and time with various friends. You are also both likely to procrastinate.

Neither of you ever wants to upset the other, but you can both confuse each other because you change your mind frequently.

Composite Venus in Cancer

Your relationship is dependent on strong emotional connection. You feel at home with each other.

You both desire affection, security, and romance. This can be a great relationship for both love and also for starting a family.

When you are intimate with each other, you prefer slow, sensual, nurturing and traditional expression of sexuality rather than kinky or extreme experimentation.

You both may fall in love with each other quickly. Nostalgia and sentimentality are important to your relationship as well.

You may frequently share love tokens and souvenirs of your relationship. Even early in the relationship, you may both become eager to plan a family or share a home together.

Sensitivity is important in this relationship. You both are susceptible to taking everything too personally. Yet your instinctive nature as a couple allows you both to understand each other’s needs and feelings.

You’ll both try to care for each other by surprising each other with gifts or making each other’s favorite meals.

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