Venus in Leo, Venus in Virgo, Venus in Libra, Venus in Scorpio in the composite chart: How do we express love and desire for each other?

venus.jpg Composite Venus in Leo

You ignite each other’s passions and cheer each other instantly.

Each of you values admiration, praise, recognition and attention. You can easily spoil each other and may fall in love quickly.

Status and beauty are important to you both. You may try to uplift each other’s careers and can be image conscious.

But this will likely make you both want to be the best you can be. You try to live up to the image of a celebrity couple and are happiest when you are showing off together.

Be careful not to compete with each other for the spotlight. You both crave each other’s attention but can also become jealous easily.

Generally, this is a loving, adventure-filled relationship. You both try to have each other’s backs through thick and thin and loyalty is a top priority.

You’ll also enjoy splurging on expensive gifts and other materialistic and outrageous gestures to show how much you love each other.

Composite Venus in Virgo

Your love is humble, nurturing, lowkey and understated.

You’re not likely to get into public displays of affection. Instead, you prefer to not draw attention to yourselves.

You both value being helpful to each other. You may see it as your mission to help each other grow and advance personally.

Details count in this relationship. You may not go to great lengths to publicly show your affection, but you will use small steps to show your feelings.

You may leave romantic notes in each other’s cars or under the pillow. You’ll also show each other love by doing things for each other.

Fixing each other’s car, computer, phone or doing other repairs around the house helps you both to feel loved by the other. You look to each other to offer feedback and aren’t afraid of criticism.

Your relationship is built on practical love that is sensual, modest, and helpful.

Composite Venus in Libra

You both value fairness and your love is gentle, creative and compassionate.

You both love enjoying beauty, the arts and cultural events together. Through this relationship, the two of you learn to value balance and fairness.

You may both have to slow down to try to really understand what the other is thinking and feeling. Indecision can impact this relationship.

You need to take turns being assertive or taking initiative in this relationship. This is a good relationship for romance, creativity, inspiration and diplomacy.

Neither of you wants to upset or offend the other. You may go to great lengths to placate each other.

Striving to keep the peace is important to both of you, but this can also lead you both to stifle your feelings and concerns. Ultimately, this strategy will backfire.

It’s best if you both hold space for each other while being honest about your needs.

Composite Venus in Scorpio

Your relationship is intense, mysterious and highly sexual. You are magnetically drawn to each other.

Your relationship is sexual, passionate, obsessive and you’ll try to be completely immersed in your love for each other.

You’re both drawn to drama and though you may claim to want a peaceful, loving relationship, you both just can’t help being drawn to the excitement of a little chaos.

The sexual chemistry in this relationship is high and everyone notices the erotic vibe that you send out to each other.

You’re both completely devoted to each other yet you may also play little mind games to try to make each other jealous.

You feel like you have to do this because watching your partner’s reaction reaffirms your sense of security in the relationship.

That is, until their reaction isn’t what you were expecting. Then you’ll insist they were deceiving you and that you were justified in being suspicious.

You may both have a heated on-again-off-again relationship because you’re always burning each other out but then returning to each other to try to make things work.

Though your relationship can seem toxic to others, you both thrive on the cycle of chasing each other in circles, alternating between obsession and jealousy.

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