Venus in Sagittarius, Venus in Capricorn, Venus in Aquarius, Venus in Pisces in the composite chart: How do we express love and desire for each other?

venus.jpg Composite Venus in Sagittarius

The two of you appear as if you could move mountains together. You’re a powerful, confident and optimistic couple.

You value freedom, shared understanding and excitement. Yours is not a tame relationship. You both need to have a routine change of scenery.

Whether you’re changing each other’s perceptions and educating each other, or offering excitement through adventurous feats together, you’re always on the go.

The two of you are intellectual and value debate and philosophy. Your relationship may have a spiritual aspect as you may feel as if you are in each other’s lives for the purpose of sharing vital lessons.

As a couple, you’re still very social and keep contact with a wide variety of friends and colleagues. You may also love attending fundraisers and galas.

You may seem like a lucky couple and when you put your heads together you can easily attract abundance and opportunities to gain wealth.

Composite Venus in Capricorn

You both value tradition, sensibility, sentimentality and practicality.

Your relationship is grounded and you both take your time establishing boundaries and a solid foundation.

Your relationship is built on mutual respect. Neither of you likes to show overt affection or displays of sexuality. Instead, you enjoy a discreet romance.

You may share a passion for career and business, helping each other to achieve your shared goals.

Your relationship can be a conduit for a family based business or partnership as well.

You may be attracted to each other’s maturity and have a classic sense of romance. Old-fashioned courtship is important in this relationship as well.

Though you are too reserved to flaunt your feelings for each other, you may each show your affection through materialism, buying each other nice gifts or going on expensive dates.

As a couple, you are not opposed to hard work and can see each other through various hardships by working together.

You may also be able to help each other become more disciplined when it comes to food, spending, or other behaviors that need to be reigned in.

Composite Venus in Aquarius

Your relationship is filled with surprises and you both love keeping each other guessing.

This relationship can be a catalyst for dramatic change. You may come into each other’s lives at an unusual time or help each other break away from stagnation.

Your love is quirky, eccentric, and breaks all the rules of romance. Yet you are both sentimental and affectionate in your own ways.

You may have your own routines, traditions, or even language when it comes to showing love.

You both pride yourselves on breaking tradition. Your romance is unorthodox and may be shocking to others, but the excitement keeps you both invested.

You each understand the importance of space and breathing room in the relationship as well. Neither will crowd the other.

Yet you can both get into a complicated situation as both partners will want to feel heard and seen but neither of you wants to be vulnerable. Be careful not to expect your partner to read your mind.

Composite Venus in Pisces

Yours is a deeply emotional and affectionate relationship. You both value compassion and empathy.

You have great sensitivity to each other’s needs and your connection may seem to be on a spiritual level. You may feel as if you’ve shared lifetimes together in the past.

You can bring healing and emotional understanding to each other in this relationship. You both bring out each other’s unconditionally loving nature.

Though you share a great deal of romance and sentimentality, your love for each other is beyond conventional understanding.

You may go to great lengths to show your support for each other. Yet this relationship can also slip into codependent patterns at times.

It’s hard for you to set boundaries with each other, and doing so is one of the big lessons in this relationship.

You can also inspire healing in each other’s lives, especially through creative talents or spiritual exploration. You may influence each other’s spiritual practices or exploration of mind-altering substances.

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