Jupiter in Leo, Jupiter in Virgo, Jupiter in Libra, Jupiter in Scorpio in the composite chart: How do we bring luck and expansion into each other’s lives?

jupiter.jpg Composite Jupiter in Leo

You easily boost each other’s ego even without trying. This relationship makes you both feel loved and admired.

You know just what to say and do to get each other’s attention and cheer each other up. This relationship can be good for your status, popularity, and career.

You may introduce each other to influential people and help promote each other’s unique talents.

You may be more outgoing, bold, and entertaining together than you are separately. You bring out the best in each other and are often seen as a powerful, confident pair.

In career and business, you can help each other grow together and gain prestige and power.

In personal relationships, this can be a great placement for helping each other stand in the spotlight, gaining recognition for your unique talents and skills.

Composite Jupiter in Virgo

You easily bring order, organization and stability to each other’s lives.

Your relationship may grow slow and steadily, but there is great potential for longevity because you’re both cautious and practical.

This is a great placement for a partnership focused on work, career or business. You are both duty-bound and work well together to accomplish practical goals.

You also easily inspire each other to live a healthier lifestyle. You may help each other adopt a healthier diet or exercise routine.

This relationship can also inspire both partners to take responsibility for accomplishing their goals and to break bad habits and adopt positive routines.

It’s important for both of you to balance the roles and “work” in your relationship. Otherwise, each of you may take turns feeling like you’re giving or sacrificing all the time.

Keeping perspective is important in this relationship. You’ll typically be able to overcome challenges so that criticism can become a learning opportunity and not feel like an attack.

Composite Jupiter in Libra

You easily bring romance, peace, love and harmony into each other’s lives.

Though you may enjoy advocating for each other, yours is a relationship with very little conflict. In fact, you may go to great lengths to keep the peace and avoid tension.

You easily see the beauty in each other and your kindness and sensitivity are shared openly in this relationship.

This is likely to be a romantic relationship, yet even as a friendship there is an open flow of love and admiration between the two of you.

As much as you have compassion for each other, neither one of you wants to weigh the other down with heavy emotions or clinginess.

Your relationship can be quite idealistic and you both love to help each other expand your perspective and encourage your shared dreams.

Balance is important to you both as well. You easily make each other comfortable, yet you can also go too far trying to accommodate each other.

Composite Jupiter in Scorpio

The sexual chemistry in this relationship is amplified. You both easily stimulate each other’s attraction energy.

When you work together, you help empower each other. You may also find it easy to help each other transform and become more intuitive, spiritual and confident.

You can excel as colleagues and romantic partners, just be careful not to compete with each other.

It’s easy for you both to read between the lines and sense what each partner is feeling on a subconscious level. You can also both inspire each other to let your guard down.

You feel secure together and may share secrets you’ve never disclosed to anyone else. It’s important for you both to protect each other’s vulnerability and not seek to manipulate each other.

Your shared desire for power and status can lead you to become perfectionists, striving to be a power couple, particularly in business and career.

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