Saturn in Sagittarius, Saturn in Capricorn, Saturn in Aquarius, Saturn in Pisces in the composite chart: How do we bring structure into each other’s lives? Or What is our relationship Karma?

saturn.jpg Composite Saturn in Sagittarius

You have Karmic lessons to teach each other related to belief, philosophy and world view.

You may struggle with concrete thinking and zealousness in this relationship. You are also both very independent and may feel this relationship is stifling at times.

You may take things too seriously, hindering each other’s abilities to be optimistic.

It can be challenging for each of you to find positivity and joy in this relationship. Be careful not to be over critical or rain on each other’s proverbial parades.

If you both try to cling too tightly to each other out of philosophical or spiritual beliefs about how relationships “should” be, you may unintentionally end up stifling each other.

Both of you need to have plenty of space in this relationship. Having breathing room can help you both balance perspective without becoming lost in cynicism.

Composite Saturn in Capricorn

You help each other learn Karmic lessons related to work, stability, security and responsibility.

This relationship may help both of you “grow up” in some significant way. You may need to take responsibility for the relationship and feel restricted because of duties related to the connection.

This can make a great business, professional or financial relationship. You can both help each other set a solid foundation when it comes to your career or financial life.

You both thrive when you have consistent routines, traditions, obligations and predictable schedules. You both may have difficulty with unexpected changes.

Try to help each other establish helpful routines and habits. When it comes to working on a common cause, you can both help each other to persevere.

This relationship can help you both mature in some way. You may become more serious about your connection to each other because of hardships you face together.

Composite Saturn in Aquarius

You can both have Karmic lessons to learn related to honoring your individuality and embracing change.

You may have an image of each other that isn’t quite accurate. It becomes a challenge for you both to see each other authentically.

You may not be easily able to accept each other for who you both are at first. This relationship can offer opportunities for significant change, but only if you don’t stifle each other.

You may have to work to embrace the growth and change this relationship encourages.

You both harbor big dreams, yet you’ll want to remain grounded and realistic. It may be hard for you to let go of control and encourage each other to strive for your highest potential.

This can be an empowering relationship that leads you both into a groundbreaking new phase. You may disrupt each other’s lives in some way.

Resisting these changes will only lead you both to feel suffocated.

Composite Saturn in Pisces

There is more to your connection than what meets the eye, yet you both may overlook this at first.

You may experience Karmic lessons together related to embracing emotion, healing, and spirituality. You may struggle to really let go and share intimate moments together.

If you both insist on keeping rigid boundaries, this relationship can become superficial.

Yet there is potential for a much deeper connection. It can be important for you to both let your defenses down so you can explore creativity and spirituality together.

You may both try too hard to keep your emotions and impulses under control. Yet this can lead you to not be true to who you really are.

One of the lessons of this relationship is intimacy but without losing your individual identities either.

Try not to fear being consumed by or lost in this relationship. You potentially have much love, romance and compassion to share with each other.

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