Uranus in Sagittarius, Uranus in Capricorn, Uranus in Aquarius, Uranus in Pisces in the composite chart: How does our relationship create instability and exciting change?

uranus.jpg Composite Uranus in Sagittarius

You shock each other by opening up new opportunities to grow, travel and see the world.

You may change each other’s perspectives and beliefs in some extreme or shocking ways. Though you both need a great deal of independence to make up your own minds, you can inspire each other.

This is a great partnership for groundbreaking creative insights and epiphanies.

You may surprise each other and bring disruptive or erratic changes into each other’s lives when it comes to religion, traditions, or strongly held beliefs.

Together you may explore different cultures, religions and lifestyles. Others may see you as constantly evolving, changing or adopting one crusade after another.

You may suddenly influence each other to be more open minded and to accept others unconditionally.

You can also introduce each other to people who are rebellious and unconventional in some way. You help each other to embrace new associates and friends who expand your views of morality.

You both avoid hard and fast rules and prefer to have the freedom to evaluate situations on a case by case basis.

Composite Uranus in Capricorn

It seems to others that you are both constantly trying to create stability yet your circumstances are continually changing.

Your work or career path may be disrupted by the relationship or you both may be involved in unconventional work that is disruptive or chaotic.

Whether an on call schedule or rolling schedule changes, it can be difficult for the two of you to plan for finance and stability.

If you are both patient with each other, this can be fulfilling and exciting. Yet if you are trying to establish a solid foundation, you may find this partnership to be frustrating.

You may also challenge each other’s sense of image and professional roles. This relationship can expose you both to ideas that transform your professional goals.

You are inclined to challenge each other’s traditions and help each other break away from old rules and standards that had been stifling.

Composite Uranus in Aquarius

You can find this relationship to be exciting, dramatic and highly unusual.

Though this relationship is always changing and evolving, it also feels comfortable. You are both inspired by the disruption rather than feeling scared or overwhelmed by it.

You can also motivate each other to expand your circle of friends, dramatically change your network or express yourselves creatively in unusual ways.

This is a great partnership that can lead you both to breakthroughs and though it may seem tumultuous at times, you can also find it easier to embrace epiphanies and breakthroughs.

You challenge each other to break with tradition and you may even both be content creating your own lifestyle and traditions that reflect your individual values.

While many crave stability, the two of you crave excitement and change. If things become too predictable in your relationship, you’ll both become bored or restless.

You may need to share a balance between time together and time alone. Try to stay on the same page with each other and don’t take these periodic breaks personally.

Composite Uranus in Pisces

You both dramatically change each other’s sense of emotional connection and romance.

You can both shock each other as you share uncanny spiritual experiences. You may also encourage each other to experiment with drugs or changing consciousness in other ways.

You may inspire each other to become more compassionate. This relationship can lead you both to redefine love.

You both need to be careful of the potential to suddenly fall deeply in love with each other and just as suddenly becoming disillusioned with each other.

This can lead you to go through tumultuous cycles of idealizing and then disconnecting from each other.

You may appear to others to be a couple that repeatedly becomes extremely close and intimate but then goes through a rollercoaster of on again-off again dating.

You can help each other break out of confining beliefs but also can create chaos in each other’s lives that becomes equally stifling. Your emotional connection to each other may also frequently change.

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