Pluto in Sagittarius, Pluto in Capricorn, Pluto in Aquarius, Pluto in Pisces in the composite chart: How do we help each other find power and transformation?

pluto.jpg Composite Pluto in Sagittarius

You both have a knack for empowering each other and enhancing each other’s confidence.

This can be a great partnership for career or business as you are easily able to advocate for shared interests and confidently show your authority.

In personal relationships, you both have an intense desire to be admired, appreciated but also to have your own independent space. Friction arises if this romance becomes serious.

This is because you’ll both start to question each other’s motives or to what extent the relationship will crowd each other’s space.

If you are able to respect each other’s need for space this relationship can help promote your shared desires and need for adventure, travel and change of scenery.

Though your relationship can be intense and provocative, you are also likely to be optimistic and encouraging toward each other.

This is also a relationship that seems to be lucky, especially when it comes to attracting financial opportunities and fortunate breaks in career.

Composite Pluto in Capricorn

You can be an intensely powerful couple especially when you collaborate on business matters.

You are each likely to be determined to bring out the best in each other’s talents and potential in career.

You may have a very specific public image as a couple that you both strive to protect and secure.

This can lead you to stifle your true individuality. Try to balance practical caution with authenticity and unconditional love.

You can both find it easy to help each other transform your traditions and definition of security. Be careful of power struggles that lead you to undermine the relationship.

It may be tempting for you both to try to micromanage each other, but be careful to avoid this instinct. Put your resources together and you can succeed in your shared ambitions.

You can both have a materialistic side that becomes more pronounced in this relationship as well.

Composite Pluto in Aquarius

You may influence each other to dramatically change your social network. As a couple, you help each other prioritize your friendships, cutting ties with toxic connections from the past.

You may both have an intense connection to each other and as such you help each other feel empowered and confident to be who you are.

Your relationship may seem quirky or unusual, yet you carry enough authority that others naturally trust in your unorthodox vision and beliefs.

It’s easy for you to compel each other to embrace eccentric or extremist beliefs as well.

Your individual dreams may clash with each other. A battle for control over which ambitions you both focus on and nurture can arise in this relationship.

Though you may struggle to align your vision and beliefs, once you do, as a couple you can be an unstoppable force.

When you encounter a challenge you can’t easily bypass, you’ll work together to find unorthodox ways to blast through barriers.

When you commit to work for shared dreams, you’ll both become stubborn, obsessed and innovative as you quest to fulfill each other’s visions.

Composite Pluto in Pisces

You are drawn to each other because of intense spiritual and emotional connection.

Your relationship may dredge up wounds and fears from the past. Rather than hiding or enabling each other’s addictions, this relationship gives you the opportunity for deeper healing.

Release, renewal, and personal transformation are also features of this relationship. You may help each other to feel emotionally restored.

Through this relationship, you both become more confident in your intuition and instincts. You can bring out each other’s creative talents as well.

One of the lessons you’ll both have to overcome is that you both subconsciously desire control over the relationship.

It is easy for you to sense each other’s desires and emotions, but you may also be tempted to manipulate each other in order to maintain a sense of control.

If you are able to work through this instinct, you can both create a healing, compassionate, and powerful relationship that helps you grow spiritually and personally.

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