Lilith in Leo, Lilith in Virgo, Lilith in Libra, Lilith in Scorpio in the composite chart: How do we express our pure emotion and deal with inner rage?

lilith.jpg Composite Lilith in Leo

You bring out each other’s individualism, creativity and fierce need for independence.

You may try to be loyal to each other but in the process, make each other feel stifled or dominated. This will not be tolerated and the relationship maybe marked by arguments.

Yet even the disruptive energy in this relationship can lead you both to find each other attractive. You can become turned on during the course of an argument.

Your shared passions can help encourage each of you to strive for your higher potential. Be careful not to become competitive against each other.

This is a passionate, intense, and fiery relationship and your sexual chemistry can be like dynamite.

Yet you also need to give each other breathing room. This relationship requires you both to recognize each other’s independence and strength.

Don’t try to smother or dictate to each other, this will only backfire. You may become rebellious against each other if you feel either partner is trying to be the leader.

Composite Lilith in Virgo

You both can be strict adherents to schedules, plans, and rules as you find security in consistency.

Yet you can both also see the details that each other may overlook. This can lead to a lot of criticism and judgment of each other in the relationship.

When this judgment extends into personal terrain, especially sexuality, you can both become resentful toward each other. You may rebel against each other by rejecting otherwise helpful advice or ideas.

This relationship can offer healing and cleansing but you both need to find ways to trust each other’s intentions and not only adhere to your own individual routines.

It can be difficult for the two of you to incorporate each other into your lifestyle as you are continually ruffling each other’s feathers and triggering each other’s perfectionism.

If you are both able to find practical outlets for your intense inner desires and subconscious desires, you can help to uplift each other.

Composite Lilith in Libra

You may both find the relationship to be healing, restorative, peaceful and compassionate.

Yet if either of you becomes too intensely focused on placating the other, this can eventually lead to resentments and rebellion.

You may perceive each other as trying to influence your opinions or use the romantic ties in the relationship to manipulate each other. Even if this is not the case, you may push back dramatically out of fear of losing your independence.

You are also both sensitive to what seems fair or unfair in the partnership. If it seems one partner is more assertive, the other will rebel against their direct nature.

Yet if you are both able to channel your energy toward expressing your sexual desires and working through insecurities, you can inspire each other to be true to your bold instincts.

Composite Lilith in Scorpio

This is an intense, passionate and erotic relationship. The two of you are magnetically drawn to each other.

The sexual chemistry is on fire in this relationship, yet you both may struggle to suppress your suspicions or desire for independence.

When you feel overwhelmed or crowded in this relationship, it may be instinctual for you both to push back against each other.

You may find reasons to rebel against each other or pick fights to give you a reason to assert your independence. This can cause turmoil and drama for both of you.

If you are able to find a common cause, sharing your energy can lead to creative breakthroughs and an unconventional and passionate relationship.

Yet as soon as you begin to clash with each other, this relationship can become a cycle of power struggles and manipulation.

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