Lilith in Sagittarius, Lilith in Capricorn, Lilith in Aquarius, Lilith in Pisces in the composite chart: How do we express our pure emotion and deal with inner rage?

lilith.jpg Composite Lilith in Sagittarius

You both need plenty of breathing room in this relationship in order to feel as if you are remaining true to yourselves.

When things are going well, you can inspire each other and help each other to become more confident and independent.

It’s easy for each of you to become willful and even self-righteous about your individual beliefs. Yet this can also lead both of you to go on the defensive, creating friction.

You may ghost each other to make a point when you feel your boundaries are being violated. You may also lash out with an uncharacteristic temper toward each other.

Yet this is also potentially a good placement for passionate and intense sexual exploration. If you remain positive and inspiring, you can encourage each other to overcome taboos and explore your sexual desires together.

Composite Lilith in Capricorn

You may be instrumental in helping each other overcome barriers to personal expression.

This relationship may create stability at times, yet when you both feel stifled by the responsibilities of this relationship, you can become rebellious and push each other away.

You may have both been taught to suppress or stifle your sexual desires. Yet this is an ideal relationship for helping each other find ways to express your true identity without playing by traditional rules.

You may challenge each other’s expectations. Material success may be part of the attraction in this relationship, yet neither of you will allow the relationship to become stifled and stagnant.

If either of you are feeling too confined in this relationship, you’ll have no problem limiting your time together.

This usually gets the message across, but if it doesn’t, you’re both not afraid to be frank and direct with each other.

Composite Lilith in Aquarius

Individual expression is key to this relationship. The two of you may find unconventional ways to break barriers together.

Your sexual connection is not easily defined and you both are thrilled by the prospect of breaking tradition, experimenting, and finding shocking ways to entice each other.

You may also both find it more exciting to experiment especially when it comes to your sexual connection.

Though you may be highly attracted to each other, neither of you will tolerate being smothered emotionally by the other. If either of you becomes too attached, the other may rebel.

You may both feel a need to claim your independent space. This can lead you to alternately ghost and chase each other. You may also randomly turn a cold shoulder just when the relationship was heating up.

This relationship is filled with surprises and change and is not for the faint of heart. The two of you can be volatile and constantly change what you desire.

Composite Lilith in Pisces

The two of you bring new insights regarding how you can satisfy each other’s sexual and emotional needs.

Your sexual chemistry is also marked by intense spiritual desire and emotional connection. You can both feel consumed by the relationship.

This can compel you both to take a step back, or even rebel by escaping into drugs or alcohol and avoiding reality.

You both seek pleasure and healing in this relationship, yet neither of you is keen on the idea of dealing with practical responsibilities.

When problems and challenges pile up, one of you may strike off on your own, leaving the other feeling abandoned. In fact, this cycle may repeat with each of you playing different roles.

The key is to help each other uncover your hidden desires and authentic nature while also remaining connected to practical reality as you make decisions together.

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