Ceres in Leo, Ceres in Virgo, Ceres in Libra, Ceres in Scorpio in the composite chart: How do we express our potential for nurturing?

ceres.jpg Composite Ceres in Leo

You both have a dramatic style of showing your love and nurturing each other.

This can be a protective, caring, and flamboyant partnership. Through this relationship, you both empower each other’s unique skills.

You may both have a desire to be seen and appreciated, and you both know how to respond to these personal gifts.

Neither of you hides your dramatic attraction to each other. Overt acts of love and courtship help you both feel desired and appreciated.

You can both be sensitive to perceived slights or betrayals, so it is important for both of you to make your love and appreciation for each other clear.

You are sensitive to each other’s need for admiration and devotion, but neither of you has any reason to doubt the other’s commitment and loyalty.

Composite Ceres in Virgo

You are both nurturing and caring, looking to practical ways to make each other feel secure.

You notice the details when it comes to caring for others. Both of you are likely to pick up on subtle cues and provide for each other.

You’ll make each other’s favorite foods, or surprise each other with practical gifts like clothing, tools, or organizing books.

Conscious of health and self-improvement, you may also bring out your nurturing side by trying to tell each other how to improve their habits.

This may seem like criticism to others, but to the two of you, it is understood that love and nurturing are behind these suggestions for improvement.

When it comes to showing love and affection, you both take things to a new limit as perfectionists. You may both be restless or anxious until you know that each other are comfortable.

Composite Ceres in Libra

You both feed each other’s desire for peace, harmony, compassion and affection.

This relationship can be nurturing and inspiring. You fuel each other’s fantasies and imaginations.

As a professional relationship, you both know how to tend to each other’s creative energies. As a friendship, the two of you know how to maintain balance and fairness.

Neither one of you will be demanding of the other. Yet you both feel good about yourselves when you’re nurturing each other and caring for each other’s needs.

You may be devoted to bringing fairness or justice into each other’s lives. You may also try to compensate for some loss or disappointment by trying to please each other.

You understand each other’s desire for beauty and peace. This can be a whimsical and playful relationship. You both know how to stimulate each other’s fantasies and intellectual interests.

Composite Ceres in Scorpio

You are both deeply intuitively connected to each other and can sense when something is off.

Both of you know how to dig beneath the surface and nurture each other on a deep level. This is a great relationship for romance and love.

Soothing each other’s feelings and feeding each other’s desire for security can take the form of sharing secrets or physical intimacy.

In fact, you both thrive on intimacy of all kinds. Knowing you can trust each other and reveal your true self or greatest fear is important to nurturing in this relationship.

You both feel protective of each other and it’s easy for the two of you to advocate for each other’s needs. Perhaps even more than you advocate for your own.

In a professional relationship, the two of you help to nurture each other’s potential and may be powerful mentors and guides to each other.

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