Pallas in Leo, Pallas in Virgo, Pallas in Libra, Pallas in Scorpio in the composite chart: How do we strategize to bring justice and to fight for what we believe in?

pallas.jpg Composite Pallas in Leo

You have a knack for bringing out each other’s gifts and talents. This can be a dynamic, successful partnership.

You can inspire each other to pursue dreams you’ve long hidden, as each of you brings a balance of practicality and imagination.

This is a great relationship for mentor and mentee, teacher and student or for friendships or romance.

The two of you dazzle each other with your courage and passion. You know how to get each other’s attention and aren’t afraid to captivate a crowd.

You both bring out each other’s leadership potential. If you don’t compete with each other for the spotlight, you’ll easily find that you can become a power couple, inspiring others with your style and grace.

You love to feel admired by each other and can find strategic ways to reinforce your passions and feelings for each other.

Though you are both highly protective of each other, you can also become jealous or possessive of each other at times. Try to work together and not become each other’s rivals.

Composite Pallas in Virgo

You are both methodical, strategic, imaginative but also practical.

You always have a game plan and it’s easy for you to inspire each other to want to live up to your full potential.

When it comes to professional relationships or mentor, mentee relationships, the two of you take an interest in helping each other grow and succeed.

You’ll both notice the little things. As long as you keep your feedback to each other empowering and positive rather than critical, you’ll be able to uplift each other every step of the way.

This can be a solid romantic connection as well, though you’ll show your protective instincts through small details in every day life.

You may not go to grandiose measures to try to please each other, but you’ll make sure to take care of each other in realistic ways.

You know how to make each other feel secure and create a stable life together as you both work toward a shared mission.

Composite Pallas in Libra

The two of you have a shared mission related to justice, fairness, beauty and romance.

This can be a great friendship with flirty elements to it or romantic relationship. When you join forces, you can have an unstoppable connection.

You know how to bring out the beauty and compassion in each other. You may work together as warriors for peace and fairness, sharing common causes and concerns for the community.

This relationship is protective but also nurturing and empathic. You’ll work together to ensure each other feels safe and validated.

Neither of you wants to get into confrontation and you’re both more likely to find fun, artistic or playful ways to appeal to motivate each other.

Though you may be indecisive about your long range plans, when you work together you can usually balance each other’s skills.

Composite Pallas in Scorpio

You are both intuitive, sharp and relentless when you work together on a shared ambition.

The passion and intensity you stir in each other can make you both motivated to win, even if it means showing a ruthless side to the competition.

When you’re on the same page, this relationship can be a recipe for success when it comes to romance and love. But be careful not to compete with each other.

You may be highly attracted to each other because you appreciate each other’s intellectual power and knack for coming up with a winning game plan.

You both see the truth beneath the surface and have a gift for helping others to do the same.

Through this relationship, the two of you can help each other navigate challenges. You help each other embark on powerful personal transformation and may serve as mentors and guides for each other.

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