Juno in Sagittarius, Juno in Capricorn, Juno in Aquarius, Juno in Pisces in the composite chart: How do we show our devotion and potential for marriage or romantic commitments?

juno.jpg Composite Juno in Sagittarius

The two of you show your commitment to each other through your constant inspiration and empowerment of each other’s dreams.

You may both stimulate each other’s ideas and invest in boosting each other’s creative dreams. You show your devotion by trying to uplift each other.

This relationship can be encouraging and optimistic. Though you may be devoted to each other for the long haul, it’s also possible you’ll both agree to forego official marriage status.

Neither of you likes the idea of being limited or confined. You may have a perfectly devoted and committed marriage even if you live at a distance from each other.

It’s easy for you to trust each other as you think the best of each other. If you do both decide to marry, it’s likely your lifestyle will be free-wheeling and progressive.

You may break with conventional family structure. This relationship can also help open your eyes to new beliefs and philosophies as well.

Composite Juno in Capricorn

The two of you have practical ways of showing your commitment to each other.

Your relationship may seem old fashioned and traditional in some ways. You both approach the relationship like a business collaboration and are concerned with working to create a return on your investment.

If you do seek a marriage, it will only be after a lengthy courtship. Neither of you is in a hurry. You know how to curb your passions and try to rationalize your decisions.

This cut and dried approach to devotion works for the two of you even if others see your relationship as dry or aloof.

You like to establish solid ground rules and show your commitment to each other by following plans to the letter.

You both may look for a stable, comfortable, reliable relationship from each other. Being a steady presence in each other’s life demonstrates your commitment.

Composite Juno in Aquarius

You both have a quirky sense of showing your commitment.

It’s hard for the two of you to form a steady attachment as you are both independent.

You may have an unusual arrangement in your relationship such as not living together or going through cycles of connection followed by cycles of little contact.

Yet your eccentric relationship works for the two of you. You know how to work with each other’s unusual needs and erratic moods.

Marriage is not a likely priority for you. In fact, you’d rather break the rules and challenge social conventions.

You can excite each other through your spontaneous styles. Neither of you needs the identifier of marriage to show your devotion to each other, in fact, the status may be a turn off for you both.

Composite Juno in Pisces

The two of you are deeply romantic and show your devotion to each other through a constant intimate attachment.

In fact, people who see you together may actually come to believe you are attached at the hip. You never want to be apart from each other.

You are sensitive to each other’s needs and show unconditional love. Your ideas of devotion may include behavior some people would consider codependent.

You may tolerate each other’s neediness or toxic behavior thinking this is what commitment is supposed to be.

The two of you are likely to want to be married sooner rather than later. You may fall prey to illusions that you project onto each other.

Though you may feel emotionally connected to each other, it’s likely you may also miss crucial blind spots in the relationship.

If you can practice seeing each other in a practical, objective way, this can be a healing, deeply devoted, loving and affectionate marriage.

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