Eros in Leo, Eros in Virgo, Eros in Libra, Eros in Scorpio in the composite chart: What triggers our sexual arousal and obsessions?

eros.jpg Composite Eros in Leo

You both have a desire to be seen and admired.

Among your shared fetishes, you may both have an attraction to exhibitionism. You can both add spice to your love life by choosing sexual positions that give maximum visibility.

You can also become obsessed with each other because of your perception of status. When you are both confident, it is a major turn on for you both.

This is a great relationship for romance, sexuality, and even a passionate friends with benefits relationship.

You help each other explore your sexuality as it relates to your identity. You are each turned on by the idea of being in charge, yet you are also playful enough to not try to dominate each other.

The idea of luxury or going to lengths to pamper each other can create a sizzling sexual connection.

Composite Eros in Virgo

The perception of purity is highly erotic to you both.

You are each turned on by small details. Pay attention to each other’s sensual needs.

This can be a subdued sexual relationship in which abstinence or delay of gratification is part of the arousal.

You may also have a shared routine that is arousing and exciting. You don’t need excitement or change to create a thrilling connection.

In fact, the two of you are more likely to deepen your erotic connection to each other by supporting each other through daily routines.

When one of you takes the time to clean the laundry room, the other may become turned on by the kind gesture.

Likewise, acts of service, helpfulness, and mundane details that show you care are the ideal turn on for both of you.

You may also have fetishes related to cleanliness, control and even become obsessed with health.

Composite Eros in Libra

You are both fascinated by beauty, harmony, compassion and gentleness.

You may both have a fetish for dressing up in sensual clothing or for watching each other enjoy sexual pleasure.

Though your sexual interests may be varied and flexible, a balance between giving and receiving is a must for the two of you.

You both may also have a desire to listen to romantic music or use music to put the two of you in the mood for intimacy.

For both of you, foreplay and fantasies may be more arousing than actual intercourse, yet the two of you love taking your time and admiring each other.

You both take a soft, sentimental, loving and romantic approach to intimacy.

You may be open to trying new things, but neither of you will want to run a marathon when it comes to performance in the bedroom.

Composite Eros in Scorpio

This relationship is highly sexually charged.

Sex can be a transformative experience for you both. You need to feel powerful and in control, yet you may also both enjoy pushing boundaries.

Sexual encounters involving domination, role play, and kinky experimentation can be arousing for you both.

You may become obsessed with each other both sexually and emotionally. In this relationship, you may both feel overwhelmed by the arousal and attraction.

Avoid letting this relationship become an addiction. You both can help each other face fears and insecurities by giving in to sexual fantasies and exploration.

You don’t have to be romantically connected to ignite each other’s passions, but trust is essential to you both.

Still, you both enjoy the thrill of the chase. If each partner maintains a level of secrecy, you’ll be even more intrigued and inclined to chase each other.

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