Ascendant in Leo, Ascendant in Virgo, Ascendant in Libra, Ascendant in Scorpio in the composite chart: How do we help each other achieve our personal ambitions?

AC180x180.png Composite Ascendant in Leo

The two of you appear to be a power couple.

You keep each other entertained and have a bold, dynamic approach to the relationship. You may both desire the spotlight and may share a public relationship.

You both have a unique, individual style and you complement each other very well.

You both project a confident, proud, strong exterior. Others see you as passionate and loving.

You show your warmth to each other easily and others see your devotion and desire.

Yet even when you’re not on the same page, you bring the same intense energy out into the open. Thus, you may get involved in dramatic arguments even when you are out together in public.

Yet the rollercoaster of emotions is just part of the charm you both exude. Usually, though, you show each other respect and treat each other like royalty.

You can be cheerful and bring playful energy to the relationship. You both know how to make each other laugh.

Composite Ascendant in Virgo

You both have an eye for details and can appear to be analytical, observant, and even high strung.

You are sticklers for organization and are never late to a party or appointment. You both help each other maintain healthy routines.

Others may see you as a couple that is practical, grounded, and health conscious. You may also appear to others to be meticulous and a perfectionist.

You share a desire for stability and security. Others know you are both reliable and they can count on you to be consistent.

You’re honest with each other and can even handle a fair amount of criticism in the relationship.

You want to bring out the best in each other and aren’t afraid to take on tedious projects and tasks to improve your quality of life.

Composite Ascendant in Libra

You are both seen as a peace loving, harmonious couple.

You are affectionate and sentimental with each other. You are also an intellectual couple who may appear to always have intense conversations about culture, books, and politics.

The two of you are seen by others as a couple with a strong social conscience. You may team up to serve the community or work on campaigns for justice.

You are both seen as stylish, attractive and romantic. You may openly flirt with each other and call each other adorable nicknames.

Yet you aren’t likely to overwhelm each other with displays of emotion in public. You draw the line at flirty affection.

It’s clear to everyone you both meet that you are a couple that loves each other and cheer each other up at every opportunity.

You are both creative and social and love to bring comfort to your mutual friends and family.

Composite Ascendant in Scorpio

You are both intense, dramatic and emotional.

Your passions may appear to simmer just below the surface. You may have a rocky relationship but you’ll put on an image of both being in control.

You know how to keep secrets and may conceal the details of your relationship, preferring to project a controlled image to others.

You may also be a couple that is determined to succeed at all costs. You encourage each other and can empower each other to fulfill your personal ambitions.

In this relationship, status, money, power and prestige are important. You both want to be respected by others. You’ll also hide your flaws and vulnerability from others.

This can also be a highly sexual relationship. Your chemistry and attraction to each other is obvious.

You can be devoted to each other to the point of being obsessed. You both can appear edgy but you also love keeping people guessing.

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