Midheaven in Aries, Midheaven in Taurus, Midheaven in Gemini, Midheaven in Cancer in the composite chart: How do we further each other’s career and reputations?

MC180x180.png Composite Midheaven in Aries

You both bring determination and decisiveness to the relationship.

You have a definitive impact on each other’s careers. Through this relationship, you help each other aspire to leadership and may help each other succeed.

You are able to bring out each other’s competitive streak and this can help you both stand in the spotlight, helping each other beat the odds.

When it comes to career and public image, the two of you are instrumental. You both use your optimism and energy to encourage each other to take action.

You are drawn to each other because of your shared optimism. This is a great relationship for colleagues, mentors, coaches or romantic partners.

Your passion to succeed is contagious and you both feed off of each other’s enthusiasm.

You may encourage each other to pursue positions of leadership particularly in the military, security, athletics, or careers involving high risk and danger such as firefighting.

Composite Midheaven in Taurus

You are both committed to helping each other create stability in career and public image.

You may both present yourselves as calm, nurturing, strong willed and cultured. You are conscious of image and try to create an appearance that will help you both succeed in career.

You may both set practical goals and slowly yet diligently work toward accomplishing them.

Others can see that you are both reliable when it comes to accomplishing your ambitions. You share a down to earth, drama free approach to tackling your career goals.

You may both also exude an image of beauty and comfort. Even when you are in the process of furthering your shared business or career interests, you both make it look easy and effortless.

You both find it easy to help each other establish a reputation for being nurturing, pragmatic, and may pursue opportunities to cook for others, council others, or even help others bring their career goals to light.

Composite Midheaven in Gemini

You may both strike others as charming, talkative, and highly intelligent.

You share your ideas openly with each other and may have a gift for inspiring each other, especially when it comes to furthering each other’s careers.

You may help each other succeed as writers, authors, teachers or translators. You may also share a love of reading, learning new things and helping others express their ideas.

Others look to you for help articulating their vision, especially for career or business. You may also work together to help others deliver their message through their profession.

You are seen by others as fun to be around and people always learn something new from conversations with the two of you.

You both may develop a reputation for being brilliant but scattered, or for being fashionably late to events.

Yet others are likely to adore you as a couple because you have a reputation for being playful, lighthearted and diplomatic.

Composite Midheaven in Cancer

You both have a reputation for being nurturing, intuitive and sensitive.

You can help stimulate each other’s passion for business, caretaking, and family. In particular, this relationship can help you both succeed in careers related to real estate, families, or children.

You may also go into business together and if you do, you’re likely to succeed because you treat others with compassion.

You both have a gift for emotional connection and help others feel validated. You are good counselors or confidants and others can easily open up to you both.

As a couple, you may develop a reputation for being affectionate, sensitive, and caring. You are both also likely to help others feel at home.

Others may recognize that you have a close and nurturing bond to each other, and it may seem as if you are caretakers either by profession or simply because of your actions.

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