Midheaven in Sagittarius, Midheaven in Capricorn, Midheaven in Aquarius, Midheaven in Pisces in the composite chart: How do we further each other’s career and reputations?

MC180x180.png Composite Midheaven in Sagittarius

You are both seen by others as being a larger-than-life couple.

You can bring out each other’s confidence and passion for travel. You may also influence each other’s spiritual, religious or philosophical beliefs.

This relationship inspires you both to dream bigger and you may influence each other to advance your education and expand your career so you can follow your dreams.

You may also help each other succeed in careers related to advanced education, humanities, science, medicine, philosophy or social justice issues.

You both help each other align your career path with your higher ideals and morality.

Others see you as a couple that loves to have fun and stimulate other’s passions. At times you may both develop a reputation for being dogmatic.

Others may also be impressed by your independence in the relationship as you are both comfortable acting detached and giving each other space when it comes to your public image.

Composite Midheaven in Capricorn

You are both diligent and work hard to gain ground.

You may have a shared reputation for being reserved, traditional, conservative and patient. Your practical nature draws others to you for financial and career advice.

You may also help each other build a solid career one step at a time. Neither of you presents an appearance of being hasty or careless.

Instead, you are both likely to be observant, slow moving and cautious. You may treat the relationship like a shared business venture.

Though you don’t openly show your affection and desire for each other, your attraction may be strong and dynamic behind the scenes.

Others appreciate that you are both likely to be honest and avoid drama. You are seen as reliable and others count on you for a straightforward opinion.

You can both help each other thrive in careers related to business, finance, historic preservation, or construction.

Composite Midheaven in Aquarius

You may both help each other to thrive in career through unusual methods.

Your reputation as a couple is that you are unpredictable, intelligent, innovative and full of surprises.

You are both willing to be quirky and go to extremes in order to preserve your individuality.

You may help each other succeed in careers related to humanitarian goals. You are also likely to inspire each other to pursue your dreams related to science, technology, or obscure new industries.

People either love you both for your interests in improving society no matter how wild or extreme your ideas may be, or they are intimidated by you because neither of you will conform.

Yet the two of you help each other to march to your own drumbeat. Neither of you will hold on to traditions just for the sake of comfort.

Instead, you both develop a reputation for being forward thinking and willing to embrace unusual ideas and extreme views in order to create needed change.

Composite Midheaven in Pisces

You both have a public reputation for being dreamy, loving and affectionate.

Your romantic bond is obvious to others. You may also confuse each other when it comes to business or career goals.

What you initially see as your mission in your career may be distorted or become unclear as a result of your connection to each other.

You may help each other thrive in careers that help you both reflect on your own emotions and need for healing.

You both bring creativity and artistic vision to others and your shared compassion and empathy can come across to others who are in need of love and acceptance.

You are also likely to become known as the couple who will listen compassionately to anyone’s problems.

Though you can be highly intuitive when it comes to knowing what the best moves are for career, you aren’t always clear about what is right in front of you.

You may both have to work through illusions and expectations that can damage your reputation.

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