Sun and Saturn aspects in the Composite Chart: How do we bring order and structure to each other’s lives?

By 12andus

Sun-Saturn-Conj.jpg Sun conjunct Saturn in the composite chart

You both bring order and discipline into each other’s lives.

You know how to help each other manifest your dreams and channel your talents into specific goals. You may help each other overcome hardships.

You work best together when you have a sense of rules and order to follow. You may try to help each other manifest your goals and desires, though your relationship can be challenging.

You may both bring maturity to the relationship. You may bring out each other’s connection to the past or to traditions.

This can be an excellent relationship for business or professional networking. This can also be a long term friendship or romance.

Though as a romantic relationship, you may both have a reserved demeanor and prefer to avoid open displays of emotion or affection in public.

Sun sextile Saturn in the composite chart

You are both able to bring stability into each other’s lives.

You may create a stable foundation for each other to succeed. This can be a relationship that brings out both of your talents.

You easily create routines together and can encourage each other to be consistent and cautious as you build a life together.

You may both help each other become more self-disciplined and attain goals that require diligence and perseverance.

Though you may help each other through difficult times, your relationship may be marked by tedious challenges that require you both to continually use your problem solving skills.

Sun square Saturn in the composite chart

This may seem like a conflict filled relationship.

You both try to bring stability and consistency into each other’s lives, yet your priorities lead you to clash with each other.

Though you may feel frustrated with each other easily, you may also have the opportunity to learn significant life lessons from each other.

The key is to try to recognize larger karmic lessons that connect the two of you. This may not be an easy relationship, yet you are likely to help each other overcome personal insecurities.

You may need to face harsh truths together. The two of you may even have a confrontational relationship in which you challenge each other to live up to your personal best potential.

Sun trine Saturn in the composite chart

The two of you may come into each other’s lives at a time in which you both need a wake up call.

You can both help each other create stability in each other’s lives quite easily. You may not have the easiest time building a life together, as you both may need to overcome limitations together.

You may help each other create a solid foundation and overcome adversity by working together.

You may also both help each other connect to family traditions. You can help each other create a solid financial nest egg. In career you may also encourage each other as business partners.

In a romantic relationship, the two of you find it easy to commit to each other. You can both enjoy a slow but steady and serious courtship.

Sun opposite Saturn in the composite chart

You may both have a confrontational relationship.

You can both be stubborn and may struggle to be flexible with each other. This can be a challenging relationship.

You can be eager to help each other succeed but will have to collaborate and create harmony with each other. This is not easy for the two of you to do.

You may both try to impose rules on each other that seem frustrating or limiting. The relationship can be a source of karmic lessons. You may not easily fall into step with each other, but you have much to teach each other.

You can both be reluctant to embrace change and this can make it difficult for the two of you to make a solid commitment.

Sun quincunx Saturn in the composite chart

You both care about stability and commitment but may feel awkward or unprepared for the relationship.

At first, you may be reluctant to commit. You can feel insecure about the relationship because of fears that you’ll be limited in some way.

Both of you may need to make some changes to adapt to the relationship. You can try to go to some lengths to avoid making a commitment to each other.

In particular, you may both use work or other responsibilities as an excuse to initially keep an emotional distance.

Yet as you both come to know each other better, you can become dedicated to working through obstacles and committing to the relationship.

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