Sun and Pluto aspects in the Composite Chart: How do we bring powerful transformation into each other’s lives?

    By 12andus

    Sun-Pluto-Conj.jpg Sun conjunct Pluto in the composite chart

    You both have a dynamic impact on each other’s lives.

    Through this relationship, you help each other to embrace dramatic transformation. You may empower each other to assume greater authority and your personalities magnetically attract each other.

    You fascinate each other and your relationship may become an obsession. It’s also possible that your relationship comes to a crescendo when dramatic change is needed in both of your lives.

    You help each other release fears and insecurities and can radiate power as a couple. This can be a sexually charged relationship as well.

    You both reveal each other’s hidden strengths and there are no pretenses in this relationship.

    Sun sextile Pluto in the composite chart

    You bring intense and dramatic change into each other’s lives.

    Although your relationship can reveal hidden fears or bring each other’s secrets to the surface, you’ll both likely embrace this transformation rather than hiding from it.

    Through this relationship, you both find empowerment. You may have an instant sexual attraction and recognize that when you work together your personal strengths are accentuated.

    You may help each other navigate losses and because of your connection to each other, you can both experience psychological healing and release of past wounds.

    Sun square Pluto in the composite chart

    You are magnetically attracted to each other but you also aren’t quite sure how to handle each other’s authoritative and powerful energy.

    You may become obsessed with each other or try too hard to change each other, convinced that you each know what is best for the other.

    The best way to channel the energy in this relationship is to each become personally motivated to live up to your fullest talents and potential to help each other advance.

    Any other attempt to change, control, or steer each other can lead to frustration and dramatic power struggles.

    You may also both become jealous of each other’s talents. Be careful not to compete with each other.

    Sun trine Pluto in the composite chart

    You may both find it easy to empower each other and bring transformation into each other’s life.

    You may help each other put an end to a traumatic phase in life or challenge each other to make the most of your special talents.

    The energy in this relationship is highly sexually charged and when you work together, you both can easily advance in status and power.

    This is also a great relationship for career, business and romance. You are both able to enhance each other’s strengths and may gain notoriety as a couple because of your intense drive and commitment to success.

    Sun opposite Pluto in the composite chart

    You may frustrate each other or feel like your partner is standing in opposition to your personal goals and strengths.

    You could potentially bring dramatic transformation into each other’s lives but it is also likely that your relationship will not be an easy one.

    You both need to find ways to collaborate as competition will be your first instincts as a couple. You each bring out some aspect of each other’s subconscious nature.

    This can lead to tremendous growth and healing however it can also lead you both to try to suppress each other or become defensive toward each other.

    Power struggles are highly possible in this relationship. Try not to clash with each other because you are thinking strictly in terms of black and white.

    Sun quincunx Pluto in the composite chart

    You both challenge each other to grow in new ways and in doing so, you help each other face your fears.

    Through this relationship, you both help each other grow and evolve in crucial ways. You may challenge each other’s sense of power at first, but by working together over time, you actually empower each other.

    This relationship helps you both recognize your full potential and you may help each other reveal hidden talents.

    You may not realize the dramatic impact you have on each other’s lives until you’ve helped each other navigate significant personal growth and maturation.

    The two of you can ultimately help each other succeed by helping each other release fears and distractions.

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