Sun and Pallas aspects in the Composite Chart: How do we inspire each other’s winning strategies?

    By 12andus

    Sun-Pallas-Conj.jpg Sun conjunct Pallas in the composite chart

    You both inspire each other each other and can easily collaborate on a shared mission.

    You may feel drawn together because of a special mission for justice. You may also both empower each other to come up with strategies that help your partner succeed in career and personal life.

    This relationship brings a powerful connection as you may both easily bring out each other’s strengths and talents.

    You instinctively understand each other’s patterns and preferences. Because of this you know exactly how to motivate each other. You also each have a gift for encouraging each other to succeed.

    It may seem like you’re reading each other’s mind, but the truth is you easily help each other connect the dots so that you both see your full potential.

    Sun sextile Pallas in the composite chart

    You easily inspire each other to work together on important projects.

    This can be a great relationship for business collaborations or partnerships involving friendship, romance and mentor and student relationships.

    You both feel a natural connection to each other and help each other beat the odds and find inner strength, usually through creative means.

    You believe in each other’s full potential and can help inspire each other’s confidence.

    You may be able to help each other see strengths and talents that individually, each partner would miss. This is because both partners can see the bigger picture in each other’s lives.

    You help each other find the connection between patterns and signs and your own higher guidance.

    Sun square Pallas in the composite chart

    You both push each other to succeed and beat any obstacles you each encounter.

    This relationship may feature a bit of “tough love” but it is only because you both believe in each other’s potential.

    You don’t easily see eye to eye yet you keep coming back together and over time you can teach each other valuable lessons.

    You can both mentor each other through difficult situations. Even when you feel uncomfortable with each other’s opinions or advice, you’ll both find success from taking each other’s lead and inspiration to heart.

    This can seem like a tense or volatile relationship at first but it is ultimately a friendship, mentor and student relationship or romantic relationship that helps to motivate you both to break new ground.

    Sun trine Pallas in the composite chart

    You both bring out each other’s creativity, optimism, confidence and shared sense of mission.

    You may share a militant sense of idealism and work together to bring this special vision into manifestation. You encourage each other to take the path not taken because you see patterns converging that others may miss.

    This is a great relationship for romance, friendship, and even professional connections as you are both able to learn profound lessons from each other.

    You may both play a special role in each other’s lives as mentors or special guides. Your wisdom can help each other make life changing decisions.

    Sun opposite Pallas in the composite chart

    You are both committed to your ideals and have a strong sense of mission. Yet your views may collide at first.

    Through your relationship to each other, you may both grow to appreciate each other’s perspectives and can learn a great deal from each other.

    This relationship can bring life changing revelations. You need to both keep an open mind to what each partner has to teach the other. The two of you can be powerful guides and mentors to each other.

    This is a relationship that may bring some tension to the surface. You may have a mirror-like effect on each other, showing each other by example what you need to change in your own lives.

    Sun quincunx Pallas in the composite chart

    The two of you challenge each other to live up to your higher potential.

    You are both keenly and intuitively aware of patterns that others may miss. Yet your guidance and mentorship of each other may initially create discomfort.

    You both find it intimidating to follow the path each partner suggests. Yet if you do, you’ll both be likely to grow and expand in new ways.

    You may feel insecure around each other initially, both trying to be perfect or impress each other. Yet through honesty and through your abilities to inspire each other you can both help build each other’s confidence.

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