Sun and Vesta aspects in the Composite Chart: How do we inspire devotion and service to the relationship?

    By 12andus

    Sun-Vesta-Conj.jpg Sun conjunct Vesta in the composite chart

    You are both deeply devoted to each other and your relationship is likely to inspire a spiritual awakening.

    Through your connection to each other, you find ways to lose your superficial desires and embrace higher ideals and shared goals.

    There may be valuable lessons about humility and sacrifice in this relationship. For example you may both give up some aspect of your personal ambition, wealth or status in order to devote yourselves to this relationship.

    Through your connection to each other, you both bring out each other’s unique and individualistic talents.

    This is a great relationship for romance and even for friendship, family or spiritual mentorship. You have a positive influence on each other, helping each other find pleasure by entertaining each other and through your shared sense of humor.

    Sun sextile Vesta in the composite chart

    You both ignite each other’s passions and can easily excite each other.

    This is a great relationship for romance or friendship. Even in a romantic relationship there may be some unusual sacrifice that you both make, such as living at a distance.

    This won’t matter to the two of you because you know that you can still enjoy shared pleasures and maintain a spiritual connection even if your relationship follows an unconventional path.

    You are both easily able to set aside your personal ambitions and nurture the relationship and you can easily bring out each other’s compassion and humility.

    Sun square Vesta in the composite chart

    In order for you both to succeed as a couple, a sacrifice or adaptation needs to be made.

    This may require you both to challenge your sense of individuality and personal sense of control.

    Yet if you are both in tune with the spiritual aspect of the relationship you can grow to accept the adjustments that need to be made for the relationship to succeed.

    You may have an on-again, off-again relationship until you both come to understand that your higher mission together is not to serve your own ego but to create something spiritual and larger than your own ambitions together.

    Until then it may feel as if you are both engaging in power struggles trying to control each other.

    Sun trine Vesta in the composite chart

    Through this relationship you both come to understand higher spiritual ideals related to service and collaboration.

    You may both easily sacrifice some aspect of your personal ambitions or goals in order to collaborate together for a higher cause.

    This relationship can be highly spiritual as well as romantic. You may both find it easy to shed your ego distractions so that you can completely devote your attention to helping each other in some instrumental ways.

    A personal loss won’t feel like the sacrifice that it is because you both recognize you each have more to gain together than you have to lose individually.

    Sun opposite Vesta in the composite chart

    You may both intrigue each other yet your expectations and demands may lead this relationship to a stand-still.

    In order for this relationship to become successful and thrive, you both need to compromise and give up some aspect of your personal desires or ambitions so that you can collaborate together and focus on something beyond your own personal desires.

    Yet this may seem like too big a sacrifice at first. You may be attracted to each other’s passions and personality, but not be ready to make the necessary compromises to allow this relationship to grow.

    It may take some time for you both to learn the balance between being true to your own personal desires and maintaining a relationship based on service and a higher spiritual connection.

    Sun quincunx Vesta in the composite chart

    You may both have difficulty serving each other’s higher needs in the relationship as your own immediate needs or wounds may become distracting.

    Your insecurities need to be dealt with so that you can both learn to compromise and collaborate without going to extremes and losing yourself in the relationship.

    Until you both achieve this balance, you may go to extremes from dominating each other to trying too hard to please each other and losing sight of your own needs.

    Yet with some practice and patience, you can both learn to make the right amount of compromise and the right amount of insistence so that you maintain your individuality and also are able to collaborate for a shared cause and mission.

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