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Traditional astrology sessions or online readings can certainly give a broad intellectual knowledge of the inner processes, but this knowledge doesn't always reach the emotional, intuitive or embodied knowledge.

An experiential astrology session doesn't operate just with a birth chart printed on paper. Experiential astrology works through a big zodiac of astrological symbols arranged on the floor.

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Experiential astrology is a live astrological session where the facilitator (the astrologer) guides the seeker (the client) in discovering its traits, emotions, energies, skills and issues.

The zodiac becomes a playground where the seeker can live and embody the planets’ and the signs’ qualities.

Before approaching an experiential astrology session, the seeker is often not fully aware of the presence of the assorted planetary energies inside its psyche.

By feelings, enacting and expressing the variegated nature of the signs and planets, the seeker can become aware, accept and integrate unrecognized and unexpressed qualities in its psyche and life. Deep insights emerge regarding denied traits and potentialities.

A session takes place in a setting characterized by undertanding and acceptance. Playfulness and depth, which aren't mutually exclusive, are also parts of the session. The theatrical framework of experiential astrology makes the experience also fun and lively.

Once we discover who we are, we can accept our whole nature and integrate our nature according to our chart. Light is shed both on our neglected skills as well as our unconscious inner conflicts sabotaging our full life expression.

Our issues than become stepping stones aiding our spiritual process. Unfortunately, in the common view, astrology is portayed as an oracle answering questions as: "Will I ever find my true love?", "When will my value be finally recognized by my employer?".

The astrologer-facilitator redirects the seeker's external questions to the corresponding inner questions, as "Which are my inner barriers to love and be loved?", "What's my relationship with authorities and with my self-esteem?". Often we find that the problem is rooted in early life events that, combined with the birth chart placements, shaped our destiny.

Experiential astrology sessions can be done with individuals as well as with groups of people. In a group setting, the participants can mirror, correlate and match each other's planetary placements finding support in the discovery process.

Self-observation, meditation, breathing techniques and body movements are essential parts of a session.

When our self-knowledge and self-acceptance expands, we can even go beyond our astrological nature by dis-identifying with the zodiac and reach the higher non-individual spiritual nature.

I'm Ivo Quartiroli, 12andus' founder, and I'm available to facilitate individual and group experiential astrology sessions. Currently I'm in Chiang Mai, Thailand, until April 2023, then I'll be in Italy. You can contact me through the Contact page linked on the bottom of this page.


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By sitting close to specific planets or holding their symbols, the seeker have a chance to feel and absorb the associated qualities and energies.


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Living the joy of liberating insights.


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Meditation and detachment from our identifications is an essential part of a session.


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