Moon and Mercury aspects in the Composite Chart: How do we help each other express subconscious emotions?

    By 12andus

    Moon-Mercury-Conj.jpg Moon conjunct Mercury in the composite chart

    You can both easily and naturally help each other reveal your subconscious feelings and desires.

    It may seem as if you are reading each other’s minds frequently as you can finish each other’s sentences and instinctively know how each other feels.

    You both feel secure when you are communicating with each other and may think the worst if one partner or the other is quiet for too long.

    Even though you are both intuitively connected and share ideas and understanding of each other’s through process, you also feel reassured by hearing each other communicate your ideas openly.

    You inspire each other to open up about your deeper feelings and needs. You may also both speak openly about desires related to home, family and finances.

    Moon sextile Mercury in the composite chart

    You are both likely to be open and expressive when it comes to sharing your feelings and inner needs.

    You know how to reassure each other through communication and may be able to lift each other’s moods because you both always know what to say to each other.

    You may also be intuitively connected to each other and may communicate both verbally and through subtle emotional clues.

    This is a positive relationship for you both as you help each other speak about your emotional needs and can be quite nurturing to each other.

    Moon square Mercury in the composite chart

    The two of you may fascinate each other and you try to understand each other’s feelings but it is not easy.

    You may both miss the mark when it comes to intuiting what each other needs in the relationship. You both also need to adjust your expectations so that you can strengthen your communication.

    You may expect each other to automatically know how each other are feeling without communicating this directly. You both may also feel resentful or hurt if your partner is not able to anticipate how you want to be nurtured.

    Your ideas about vulnerability, home, family and money may also be challenging to each other, yet this is a challenge you can both grow to overcome.

    Moon trine Mercury in the composite chart

    You are both likely to help each other express your deeper emotions and can easily relate to each other.

    This relationship provides a secure space for you both to share your intuitive insights and express your desires and needs.

    You know how to nurture and comfort each other. Even if you both give some guidance or feedback, it doesn’t take much for each of you to meet each other’s needs for emotional comfort and security.

    You also easily understand and respond to each other’s ideas of ideal comfort in home and family. You know how to create comfort and help each other feel right at home.

    Moon opposite Mercury in the composite chart

    You both have emotional needs that you may project onto each other without realizing it.

    Though you both have good intentions, it’s hard for you both to meet each other on common ground when it comes to sharing your emotions. You can find it difficult to understand each other’s subconscious desires.

    Yet if you both find the patience and motivation to set aside your own ideas and beliefs so that you can try to understand each other’s perspectives, this can be an influential relationship.

    You may learn to communicate in new ways once you realize that you both have very different styles of expressing emotion and this can be a mark of growth for both of you.

    Moon quincunx Mercury in the composite chart

    You both can easily frustrate each other as you may seem to initially stand in the way of open communication.

    Though it takes time for you to earn each other’s trust, with some continual effort you can both grow to embrace each other’s ideas and actually find security and comfort in this relationship.

    You may also both grow into a more natural, nurturing, and romantic relationship with each other. Learning to be confident in your own feelings and communication style can help you both form a stronger bond.

    Don’t shy away from taking risks in the relationship. You may have to work through misunderstandings as you learn each other’s communication style and become comfortable with each other’s style of showing emotion.

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