Moon and Mars aspects in the Composite Chart: How do we motivate each other to share a passionate, emotional connection?

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    Moon-Mars-Conj.jpg Moon conjunct Mars in the composite chart

    You both easily find ways to motivate each other to express your deeper subconscious emotions.

    In fact, others may see you as a passionate couple that easily pushes all the right buttons. You both know how to get each other fired up about situations that effect you both personally.

    You can instigate each other’s anger, jealousy and protective instincts. You may also become possessive over each other.

    This relationship can bring both of your passions to the surface. You both can be fascinated with each other and may motivate each other to put your dreams into action or to become more assertive about your feelings.

    Moon sextile Mars in the composite chart

    You both inspire each other to share your emotions and to assert your desires.

    You both know how to encourage each other and can bring out each other’s strengths through your shared passions.

    Your desires spark each other’s motivations and this can help you both to become successful in dynamic ways when you put your efforts together.

    This is a great relationship for romance or even friendship as you both know how to get each other moving but you don’t put pressure on each other.

    Instead you’re likely to use your enthusiasm to nurture each other’s ambitions and desires.

    Moon square Mars in the composite chart

    You may try to motivate and encourage each other, but this can bring challenges to the relationship.

    You both may be heavy handed in your approach, leaving each other feeling intimidated or overwhelmed rather than inspired.

    With some work and collaboration, you both can discover ways to prompt each other to act on your desires without coming across as demanding and bossy.

    You may frustrate each other even as you try to help each other succeed. If you are both able to understand each other’s emotional desires and need for security, you can find it easier to motivate each other to succeed.

    Moon trine Mars in the composite chart

    You both easily motivate each other because you emotionally and intuitively understand each other’s needs for security.

    You can inspire each other to take action on your dreams and ambitions, especially those which have been secretly brewing in your subconscious.

    Through this relationship, you can both find it easier to become more assertive about your emotional needs and desires.

    This relationship can be marked by exceptional passion and a protective, nurturing instinct that you feel toward each other.

    Moon opposite Mars in the composite chart

    You both want a partner who is reliable, caring and protective, but you may have different ideas about how this should be done.

    You both may become jealous of each other and easily jump to assumptions about each other’s feelings and intentions.

    This can be a volatile relationship. You may have to tiptoe around each other’s feelings in order to avoid escalating tensions.

    You may also both have to work hard to find balance between your desire for security in the relationship and your desire to pursue your personal ambitions.

    Through great effort, you can motivate each other to overcome challenges, the first challenge being your ability to form a solid connection.

    It’s easy for you to push each other’s buttons and you can motivate each other but this motivation may first come from both of you trying to have your own way without cooperating with the other.

    Moon quincunx Mars in the composite chart

    You both want to be protective and nurturing, yet you may struggle with finding the right way to motivate each other.

    You may both have to overcome insecurities that get in the way of your ability to assert your needs in the relationship.

    You both may also have a difficult time motivating each other to take on personal challenges and instead may end up enabling each other or feeling resentful toward each other.

    Yet with time, patience, and practice, you can both learn to take the necessary risks that will help you motivate each other to be more open, honest, assertive and proactive in the relationship.

    You can both help to teach each other how to stand up for your needs and interests. This relationship can become a powerful opportunity for you both to learn how to encourage and inspire each other.

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