Moon and North Node aspects in the Composite Chart: How do we nurture each other’s purpose and destiny in this relationship?

Moon-True_Lunar_Node-Conj.jpg Moon conjunct North Node in the composite chart

You are both likely to nurture each other’s path to success.

Though you may have a personal, romantic or family relationship, the two of you are likely to help each other discover your shared destiny and purpose together.

This relationship can help you both overcome obstacles and strive to stretch toward your ultimate purpose.

You may both encourage each other to take chances based on your intuition and instincts. Rather than criticizing each other, you’ll help each other to expand your vision.

You may feel as if this relationship is destined in some way. Breaking with tradition and pushing each other’s boundaries in nurturing and supportive ways helps you both thrive.

Moon sextile North Node in the composite chart

Neither of you has to work hard to convince the other that change is needed.

Through this relationship you can both inspire each other to follow your destiny and find your purpose.

Even when it comes to taking chances or making risky decisions, you are both able to encourage each other to take a new approach to success.

You are both able to encourage each other’s creativity and through this relationship you can each help to promote each other’s growth and revolution.

Moon square North Node in the composite chart

You can both become content with the emotionally nurturing aspects of this relationship.

Though it may seem like this is a relationship in which you can each relax and settle down together, doing so may inhibit both of your growth and evolution.

Part of the lesson in this relationship involves both of you serving as catalysts for growth and change in each other’s lives.

You are both able to find tension and friction between your contentment together and your need for growth and evolution.

Rather than settling for a comfortable path together, the two of you are on a mission to nudge each other forward, helping each other create security and a sense of family in unusual circumstances.

Moon trine North Node in the composite chart

The two of you are easily able to inspire and influence each other to thrive and evolve.

This relationship challenges you both to stretch beyond your comfort zone. You may both need to create an atmosphere of home or family in an unusual setting.

You may also follow your instincts and intuition and as a result redefine your purpose and identity.

This growth and evolution won’t drive you apart, instead it will lead you to become even more closely connected to each other.

This relationship can become a catalyst for profound advancement and growth and the two of you can help each other find dramatic emotional healing because you easily believe in each other’s dreams.

Moon opposite North Node in the composite chart

It’s challenging for you both to see each other’s potential.

This relationship can become a mirror that helps you both see your shortcomings, or see how you could emulate each other’s strengths and success.

But it is likely that you will both have a tendency to project your insecurities onto each other at first.

In time, the two of you can become aware of how your relationship helps you both to balance your gifts and fears. You both can help to uplift and inspire each other.

But before this can happen, it’s important for you to validate your own dreams and intuition so that you can more easily support each other’s growth and evolution.

Moon quincunx North Node in the composite chart

You are both able to help each other succeed and find the nurturing and encouragement you need to pursue your destiny and find your purpose.

Yet for each of you to accept what you are fully capable of, you may first need to trust each other’s vision.

You may see in each other what you can’t easily see in yourselves. Through this relationship you can both become more empathic and understanding.

You may help each other create nurturing relationships that lead you to fulfilling your full potential.

Yet the initial timing may be off. You both may also need to adjust your tolerance for risk taking in order to push past your comfort zone.

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