Moon and Juno aspects in the Composite Chart: How does our emotional connection lead us to make commitments in this relationship?

    By 12andus

    Moon-Juno-Conj.jpg Moon conjunct Juno in the composite chart

    The two of you are easily able to connect emotionally and have an instinctive desire to create a home or family together.

    This relationship can be nurturing, loving, forgiving and involve solid commitment. You both may become emotionally connected and invested in this relationship right away.

    You both may instantly feel like this relationship brings out the best in your nurturing, caring nature. You may feel like you’ve found your soul mate because you are both a perfect fit for each other.

    This is an ideal placement for relationships involving romance, commitment and marriage. You may both find it easy to open your heart to each other and express how you feel.

    This relationship is also filled with emotional expression and you both validate each other’s feelings and intuition.

    Moon sextile Juno in the composite chart

    You are both likely to feel at ease with each other. Commitment comes naturally to the two of you.

    You can become instant friends or feel drawn to each other as romantic partners. It’s easy for you both to empathize with each other as well.

    Your bond to each other is sincere and you are both loyal to each other. This relationship can seem fool-proof as you are emotionally connected to each other.

    Through this relationship you are both able to find a deep level of nurturing, empathy and connection.

    When you are together you may feel as if no one else in the world exists, you give each other your full attention and are nurturing and compassionate to each other.

    Moon square Juno in the composite chart

    You may both want a nurturing relationship but it’s hard for you both to make a strong emotional connection.

    This relationship may require you both to make adjustments to help you both understand each other. Your potential to nurture each other may be hindered by misunderstandings or different expectations.

    Yet if you are both willing to work together to find common ground, the two of you can find motivation to thrive as a couple.

    This is a dynamic relationship. You both may need to overcome insecurities and assert your desires.

    It can be difficult at first but if you are both able to commit to loyalty and emotional connection in the relationship, the two of you will be able to form a more solid foundation.

    Moon trine Juno in the composite chart

    Through this relationship, you are both able to find a deeply emotionally satisfying commitment.

    You can find it easy to form an emotional bond with each other. This relationship is ideal for romance and marriage. You are naturally drawn to each other.

    You are also intuitively aligned with each other and can easily anticipate each other’s needs for security and comfort.

    This relationship can help you both feel like you’ve finally met “the One.” You can both let your guard down and be authentic and vulnerable when you are together.

    Others may see you as a lucky pair who easily fall into step together. This relationship can be romantic and also form the foundation for home and family.

    Moon opposite Juno in the composite chart

    You may trigger each other’s desires for security and commitment but it’s difficult for the two of you to set a solid foundation in this relationship.

    You both may feel at odds with each other or may disagree on the type of devotion and commitment you’re seeking. Though you feel a bond to each other, this relationship may provoke jealousy and possessiveness.

    It can be difficult for the two of you to remain loyal and committed in the relationship. This can be a challenging combination but you can both work to find the right balance and overcome your insecurities.

    When you both put effort into working through your possessiveness and jealousy, the two of you can form a stronger connection and find it easier to avoid distractions and build a stronger commitment.

    Moon quincunx Juno in the composite chart

    You are both likely to feel overwhelmed by the emotional demands of the relationship. Yet some of the tension in the relationship comes from misunderstandings.

    You may both assume you need to rush to a commitment. You may also feel jealous or possessive of each other. This relationship can challenge both of your sense of security.

    Yet when you both show vulnerability and courage and open up to really hear each other’s needs, you can find it easier than you both expected to form a solid commitment.

    Your intuition regarding this relationship may be swayed by your own unmet needs. Rather than making assumptions try to give each other a chance to be open about your shared needs.

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