Mercury and Saturn aspects in the Composite Chart: How do we bring discipline and order to each other’s plans through communication?

Mercury-Saturn-Conj.jpg Mercury conjunct Saturn in the composite chart

You are both able to easily keep each other on task by having structured, organized communication.

The two of you are direct, honest and concise and this helps you to avoid confusion. You can also both easily focus only on practical matters.

You may not have the most affectionate and flowery form of communication, but when you convey your ideas, both of your needs are clearly understood.

This is a great relationship for mentoring, career, friendship and can be a good relationship for romance if you have shared business interests.

Your communication style is matter-of-fact. This may seem limiting or detached to other people, but for the two of you, this style of communication works.

You are both able to help each other bring structure to your lives and organize your ideas and plans.

Mercury sextile Saturn in the composite chart

You both easily help each other think in practical ways.

You may remind each other of limitations and boundaries, but you are both also able to help each other bring your plans to fruition.

Through this relationship, you both challenge each other’s thinking and mindset.

You can help each other create routines and enhance each other’s willpower so that you’ll succeed in your shared goals.

You help each other make commitments and neither of you will make a commitment you can’t keep.

Even if you don’t speak excessively to each other, when you do communicate, you make sure every word counts.

Mercury square Saturn in the composite chart

You may see each other as restrictive or limiting, and it may be difficult for the two of you to express your ideas.

This relationship can feel stifling at first as you both may try to hold back on communication to keep the peace.

But the relationship doesn’t have to be fraught with miscommunications and misunderstandings. You can both face tension because your ideas clash with each other.

But as you both continue to try to express your ideas regardless of conflicts that arise, you can both become more adept at fine-tuning your ideas and expressing your thoughts.

You may both have to revise your plans and whittle down to the core aspects of your message so that you can make your communication clear.

Yet once this happens, you can share a practical, serious and committed relationship together.

Mercury trine Saturn in the composite chart

You both easily help each other turn your ideas into reality.

Your shared communication helps to bring structure and organization into the relationship. This can also be a great relationship for business, career, family and romance.

Though you may both be mindful of restrictions and obstacles, you’re likely to use this to your advantage, helping you both to plan ways to problem solve.

You help each other find the self-discipline needed to accomplish your goals.

You are both likely to think of the rules and practical details to make sure your plans are fool-proof.

Mercury opposite Saturn in the composite chart

You can both be stubbornly attached to your ideas and plans.

So much so, that you can both clash and see each other as obstacles to your personal goals.

This relationship can bring obstacles related to being disorganized or careless to the surface.

The two of you can work together to create a more stable and secure foundation for the relationship, but this will require you to focus on details that you may otherwise ignore.

Miscommunications can arise when you both hold back on open expression, speaking minimally or trying too hard to filter yourself.

Be open about your plans and ideas and even if you don’t agree, you can both find ways to blend your plans and ideas and succeed in your goals.

Mercury quincunx Saturn in the composite chart

You are both uncomfortable sharing your ideas openly and you may both try to minimize your communication in order to keep the peace.

But this only leads to more problems and conflicts. Your misunderstandings as a couple may stem from limiting your expression and not fully discussing issues.

You can both learn to be more open and direct in your communication through trial and error.

As time goes on and you both become more confident expressing your ideas, you can start to work together on practical matters.

This relationship can help you both overcome insecurities that lead you to initially stifle your voice and as you both start to speak up together, you’ll find a stronger commitment and connection together.

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