Mercury and Pallas aspects in the Composite Chart: How do we empower each other’s strategies and plans as mentors in the relationship?

Mercury-Pallas-Conj.jpg Mercury conjunct Pallas in the composite chart

You are both intellectually gifted and have a knack for helping each other recognize patterns that others would miss.

You can also help to fuel each other’s passion and creativity. In this relationship, you can easily encourage each other to work toward an important mission.

You help empower each other’s strategies and together you can more easily solve problems than either of you would alone.

You bring out each other’s intellectual strengths and can be a great pair in romance, friendship, and as collaborators in business or on shared projects.

This relationship shows you both how to blend your intuition and keen observation skills to accomplish your goals.

When you work together, you can take on any battle and remain strong, committed and focused. This relationship helps you both overcome obstacles through sharpening your intellect and inspiring your motivation.

Mercury sextile Pallas in the composite chart

You both easily understand each other’s goals and shared mission.

Through your connection, you inspire each other’s ideas and can help each other solve problems.

You can be mentors for each other, sharing your ideas and intuitively sensing how to help each other find success regardless of roadblocks.

This relationship can be helpful to you both as you challenge each other to beat the odds.

You can easily influence each other’s thinking and stimulate each other’s creativity. Sharing ideas and brainstorming together often leads the two of you to create successful game plans.

Mercury square Pallas in the composite chart

You are both intellectually sharp and determined to succeed.

Yet your plans don’t always align. This relationship can frustrate you both when there are obstacles to overcome or problems to solve.

This is because you may both want to take charge. You may also each think you have the answers in a situation that requires you to collaborate.

If you are both able to be flexible and embrace each other’s ideas to some extent, you can inspire each other to succeed.

You both have much to learn from each other, though you may not realize it. Maintain an open mind toward each other’s views and you can both help motivate each other to succeed.

Mercury trine Pallas in the composite chart

You both easily inspire each other’s creativity and intuition.

Through this relationship, you can both find new ways of thinking and new perspectives. This helps you both solve problems and succeed in your goals.

You both have a knack for seeing connections that others miss. You can help each other think outside the box and this can lead to strategies that help you both succeed.

Neither of you tries to control the other’s thinking. Instead, you both help each other brainstorm and this can lead to you both learning and growing because of each other’s suggestions.

Mercury opposite Pallas in the composite chart

You are both intellectually focused and highly creative.

Yet your plans and strategies may be at odds with each other much of the time. Your ideological beliefs or plans may differ even when your goals are the same.

This can lead you both to get distracted with power struggles. You may both try to win each other over to one specific plan or strategy, rather than collaborating.

When you focus on finding common ground, you may both find it easier to balance your intellectual strengths and overcome any differences that would otherwise get in the way of your shared success.

Mercury quincunx Pallas in the composite chart

You may both underestimate the intellectual and creative power in this relationship.

As long as you downplay your capabilities, you may both acquiesce to each other or try to get others to make important plans and decisions for you.

But when you recognize how sharp and perceptive your ideas can be, the two of you can become more open and authentic in your communication with each other.

You may even find it easier to help each other brainstorm and strategize to overcome obstacles.

You can both eventually overcome insecurities and miscommunications and help to stimulate each other’s creativity, encouraging each other’s passion and mission.

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