Mercury and Eros aspects in the Composite Chart: How do we help each other express our erotic desires and communicate about pleasure?

By 12andus

Mercury-Eros-Conj.jpg Mercury conjunct Eros in the composite chart

You both easily express your desires and sensuality.

You may easily flirt with each other and enjoy a shared fetish for pillow talk. You can both become aroused by the sound of each other’s voice or through conversations with each other.

This relationship may involve pleasurable conversations and you can both inspire each other’s fantasies through sexting or talking.

Your imagination is an important part of the seduction process and you may have just as much if not more fun enticing each other by talking about your desires than by acting on them.

You can also both find pleasure in communication and sharing ideas. A shared love of languages may be an important part of the seduction in this relationship and you may enjoy involving music, poetry, or reading into intimate encounters.

Mercury sextile Eros in the composite chart

You are both easily able express your intimate desires.

You can inspire each other to use your imagination to enhance sexual encounters. This relationship can be inspiring and seductive as you both know how to use conversation to seduce each other.

You may mix friendly flirtation with pillow talk. You may also both be intrigued by fantasies and imagination, talking about your desires rather than following through on them.

Inspiring conversation and intellectual discussions can be pleasurable for the two of you as well.

Mercury square Eros in the composite chart

You may both be turned on by the tension of debates.

Arguments can prove seductive for the two of you. Although you don’t always see eye to eye, you can become turned on by the friction that exploring different ideas creates.

This relationship helps the two of you find the motivation to challenge each other’s perceptions. Sharing new ideas can be a turn on for both of you.

You are likely to be seduced by each other’s words but may also feel disappointed or let down if your plans do not come to fruition as you don’t always follow through on what you imagine or say.

Mercury trine Eros in the composite chart

You are both able to easily express your desires with each other.

You both find pleasure through communication and conversation. This relationship can bring out your intellectual strengths.

You may both find pleasure in learning new things together and learning from each other.

Through this relationship you can both find enjoyment talking about your plans, both sexual and platonic. You may both find it arousing to explore language, poetry, writing, and learning new things together as well.

Introducing each other to new ideas can be thrilling for you both and communication can be sensual and abundant in this relationship.

Mercury opposite Eros in the composite chart

You may feel drawn to each other but have difficulty communicating your desires.

This relationship can challenge you both to become more open and expressive when it comes to your intimate needs.

You may have to overcome inhibitions and judgments in order to really tap into your fantasies and share these openly.

Though it is difficult for you both to be flexible and explore each other’s intimate desires and dreams, by doing so you can strengthen this relationship and help each other open new doors in intimacy and sexuality.

Being open minded and creative when it comes to sexuality and pleasure can help you both expand beyond your typical fantasies and routines.

Mercury quincunx Eros in the composite chart

You are both likely to be turned on by tension in the relationship.

This is likely to come to the surface during disagreements or when you challenge each other’s style of thinking or ideas.

Communication can be instrumental to your shared pleasure and intimacy yet you may both have to overcome insecurities and inhibitions in order to express your fantasies openly.

You can lead each other to become more comfortable expressing your desires but this can be an awkward process at first. Trial and error is likely to help you both learn to respect each other’s boundaries while also being open to exploring new fantasies.

You may also try to conceal your fetishes to avoid judgment but if you are honest and authentic about your desires, this relationship can help you both explore new pleasures together.

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