Mercury and Ascendant aspects in the Composite Chart: How do we communicate about who we are as a couple?

Mercury-AC-Conj.jpg Mercury conjunct Ascendant in the composite chart

You both may feel immediately drawn to each other because of shared ideas.

It’s easy for you both to talk to each other and you can be authentic about your true identity without feeling like you have to stifle any part of your ideas and beliefs.

This is a great relationship for both of you to find acceptance and encouragement. You may be able to talk for hours and never run out of things to say to each other.

You are also both likely to charm each other just by being true to yourselves and sharing your ideas with each other.

Your conversations can help shape each other’s sense of identity and personal ambitions. As a couple, your sense of identity is influenced by sharing ideas and teaching each other to embrace new interests.

Mercury sextile Ascendant in the composite chart

You are both drawn to each other because you share interests and ideas.

You find it easy to talk to each other and may instinctively understand each other’s goals and vision.

This relationship can help you both become more confident in your plans and you can easily encourage each other to pursue your goals.

Your shared ideas and plans can be exciting, inspiring and stimulating, yet you may be better at brainstorming than at following through.

Through this relationship you can both find it easier to explore new ideas. Others may see you both as a couple that enhance each other’s imagination. You can also be seen as authentic and open with your ideas and views.

Mercury square Ascendant in the composite chart

You both may be turned off by each other’s communication style or ideas initially.

Yet this relationship can be intriguing as you challenge each other’s beliefs and perspectives.

This can lead you both to become clear about what you believe. You can motivate each other to improve your communication and become more authentic.

Through shared effort, you can both learn to embrace each other’s perspectives and become more openly accepting of each other’s plans and ambitions.

You can also help each other learn to communicate in more genuine ways. You can also find it difficult to understand each other’s motivations initially, but with some work you can help each other to find common ground and shared perspective.

Mercury trine Ascendant in the composite chart

You are both intrigued by each other’s ideas and interests.

The two of you may become excited by the authentic and open communication in this relationship. You can help each other discover your own ambitions and plans through brainstorming together.

This relationship can be an important vehicle for shaping your shared vision and ideas. You both make a strong impression on each other and your partnership is expressive, open and authentic.

Right from the beginning, it can be easy for the two of you to understand each other and express your ambitions and plans.

You can encourage and inspire each other to succeed as you feel a common bond through your shared interests and ideas.

Mercury opposite Ascendant in the composite chart

You are both likely to be attracted to each other’s ideas but it is often challenging for the two of you to blend your ambitions.

You may each be focused on your individual aspirations. Limiting your thinking can make it difficult for both of you to share ambitions and encourage each other’s plans.

You may have difficulty aligning your ideas and plans with your shared identity as a couple, vacillating between focusing only on one partner’s ideas or goals or making plans that you don’t follow through on.

One of the major lessons in this relationship involve learning to share your ideas and combine your talents to ensure you both succeed. Collaboration and compromise are important for the two of you.

Mercury quincunx Ascendant in the composite chart

You are both likely to share interests and want to help each other succeed in reaching your ambitions.

Yet this relationship can be stifled by insecurities that lead you both to inhibit your communication.

If you try to hold back and hide your ideas or compromise who you are in order to please the other, you may both end up unintentionally limiting the potential of this relationship.

One of the big lessons for you both is to become more accepting, open and authentic with your communication.

By doing this, you can both align with each other’s plans and dreams. Through trial and error, you can both become more confident in collaborating together. You can help each other fine tune communication and achieve your dreams.

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