Venus and Jupiter aspects in the Composite Chart: How do we amplify love, compassion and beauty in this relationship?


Venus-Jupiter-Conj.jpg Venus conjunct Jupiter in the composite chart

You are both likely to easily amplify each other’s beauty.

Your relationship to each other is compassionate, sensual and filled with romantic gestures and generosity.

You are both able to see the beauty in each other and through this relationship, you are both able to bring out the beauty and artistic nature in each other.

This relationship helps you both share your unique gifts and talents with a broad audience, particularly when it comes to your artistic skills and interests in the humanities.

You may embolden each other’s sense of philosophy and share common goals when it comes to humanitarian work and advocacy for others.

Other people see you as a lucky couple and your charm can radiate to everyone you meet.

Venus sextile Jupiter in the composite chart

You are both easily able to charm each other and you bring compassion and love to each other’s lives.

This can be an optimistic and nurturing relationship. You are both influential in amplifying each other’s social connections and you may share many friends in common.

You easily express your generosity and bring out each other’s artistic talents and beauty.

This relationship can be warm, loving, idealistic and nurturing. You both help each other find your confidence and can aid in success in each other’s personal lives or career.

Venus square Jupiter in the composite chart

You are both likely to be attracted to each other but your personal ambitions may clash in the relationship.

You may be turned off by differences in each other’s philosophy or ideals, and this can strain the relationship.

Yet this is also a relationship that can help motivate both of you to adapt your own thinking and collaborate with each other.

You may be able to expand each other’s views in positive ways but cooperation is required. You may both have to work through limitations in order to be true to your shared ambitions and goals.

Venus trine Jupiter in the composite chart

You are both easily drawn to each other and may inspire each other to expand your ideals and embrace new philosophies.

You can introduce each other to new cultural practices and may help broaden each other’s views of beauty and romance.

This relationship is filled with romance and sensuality. You can both be carefree, optimistic, playful and charismatic.

This relationship can help you both expand your vision when it comes to sensuality and romance.

You may also easily share your affection and love for each other without becoming possessive and jealous of each other.

Venus opposite Jupiter in the composite chart

You are both drawn to each other but may face conflicts to expressing your romantic love.

You may have to constrict your attraction for each other or work through obstacles that limit your availability. For instance, one or both of you may not be free to pursue the relationship at first.

You may also be turned off by some facet of each other’s appearance, values or ideals.

Yet your attraction to each other is strong enough that you’ll both be likely to find ways to work through difficulties and balance expressing your love and affection with aligning with your idealistic goals.

This relationship brings lessons involving unconditional love, acceptance and clarifying your shared ideals when it comes to love and romance.

Venus quincunx Jupiter in the composite chart

You are both highly attracted to each other yet your shared desire for pleasure can undermine the relationship.

The two of you may be drawn to each other because of your carefree nature. Yet if neither of you is willing to put limits or boundaries on the relationship, you may both end up indulging each other’s bad habits.

You may both need to work on building self-confidence and moderating hedonism individually so that this relationship will be successful.

If you do this, you’ll be better able to blend the best of your optimism, fun-loving and adventurous sides without going to extremes.

This relationship can offer you both important lessons about exploring pleasure and sharing your visions and dreams while also making sure the foundation of your connection is stable.

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