Venus and Neptune aspects in the Composite Chart: How do we bring emotional healing, love and affection into each other’s lives?


Venus-Neptune-Conj.jpg Venus conjunct Neptune in the composite chart

This relationship is not only romantically oriented, it’s also highly spiritual.

You both bring out each other’s mystical, emotional and vulnerable sides. This relationship can be an instrumental aspect of an emotional healing process for you both.

Through this connection, you may each find it easier to share your dreams and secret fears. You may both bring out each other’s affectionate nature.

This aspect is ideal for romantic relationships. You may both see a sentimental version of each other and the potential for love at first sight is strong.

This relationship can also help the two of you share intimacy and unconditional love which can be a springboard for deep healing.

Yet you both also run the risk of seeing each other through a lens of your own fantasies rather than seeing each other’s flaws.

Be careful not to get lost in projecting illusions onto each other.

Venus sextile Neptune in the composite chart

You are both easily attracted to each other.

You’re drawn to each other’s beauty, affectionate, and sensitive nature. This relationship can be filled with nurturing and emotional support.

It’s easy for the two of you to let your guard down and show your vulnerable sides.

This aspect is ideal for friendship, romance and family. You can both be very helpful to each other as you bring out each other’s potential for healing.

This is also a relationship that has a strong spiritual element to it. You can both feel intuitively connected to each other.

Venus square Neptune in the composite chart

You are both extremely attracted to each other and you may both feel an emotional and spiritual tie to each other.

This relationship can lead you both to feel frustrated by tensions that arise as you both try to get your emotional needs met in the relationship.

The friction in the relationship can motivate you both to want to form a closer relationship. You want to understand each other’s feelings but illusions and fantasies may get in the way of authentic connection at times.

This relationship can challenge you both to show your true vulnerabilities.

Honest communication and willingness to work through insecurities, jealousy and fears of abandonment are necessary for this relationship to succeed.

When you are able to make adjustments to your expectations that allow you to be more open about how you feel, this relationship can become a catalyst for emotional healing and clarity for you both.

Venus trine Neptune in the composite chart

You are both easily attracted to each other and may instantly feel that you’ve met your soul mates when you connect with each other.

This is an ideal relationship for romance. You may both have an instant and intuitive understanding of each other’s deeper feelings. Your subconscious desires also easily align.

You both see each other as romantic, sentimental, gentle, nurturing and affectionate. You help each other to manifest your dreams and desires.

Through this relationship you are both easily able to find the compassion you have been looking for.

Feeling seen and understood can be a big part of the attraction and healing in this relationship as well.

Venus opposite Neptune in the composite chart

You are both drawn to each other though you may be projecting an image based on illusion and wishful thinking rather than seeing each other for who you both are.

This relationship can become enabling as well if you both become dependent on each other for emotional security. Fears of abandonment can lead to codependency in this relationship.

This relationship can make personal healing difficult as you are both likely to hold on to toxic aspects of the relationship just to avoid being alone.

You may both need to back up and work on instilling solid personal boundaries so that this relationship can improve and live up to its potential.

Venus quincunx Neptune in the composite chart

You may both become infatuated with each other.

This relationship can bring spiritual and emotional connection that you both long for.

You both have the potential to share an unconditionally loving, healing, and affectionate relationship.

This relationship can inspire you both to undergo deeper emotional healing as you want to create a fairy-tale romance together.

When things don’t initially easily fall into place, you can both become motivated to work through jealousy and emotional wounds that impact your abilities to trust each other.

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