Venus and Pluto aspects in the Composite Chart: How do we experience empowering, intense attraction to each other?

    By 12andus

    Venus-Pluto-Conj.jpg Venus conjunct Pluto in the composite chart

    You both may have fallen in love at first sight.

    There is something intense, powerful and magnetically attractive about this relationship. You may become completely obsessed with each other.

    This relationship can be passionate and empowering. Yet power struggles can also erupt in this relationship if you are both trying too hard to avoid abandonment.

    This relationship can help you both overcome fears and find the emotional security and connection you craved.

    This placement can also create powerful sexual chemistry in a romantic relationship. You may both be viewed by others as an extremely sensual, loving and protective couple.

    Through this connection, you both may experience profound transformation. You may help empower each other to face and overcome fears.

    This can create the foundation for a satisfying romance in the long run.

    Venus sextile Pluto in the composite chart

    This relationship can be both empowering and sexually exciting.

    You are both likely to become very attracted to each other. Though you may have a strong connection both physically and emotionally, this relationship may stop short of being intensely obsessive.

    Yet you do both feel bold in each other’s company. You may help each other navigate important transformations and milestones in your personal lives.

    Not only is this a great placement for romance, you may also have an interest in helping each other succeed in financial matters.

    Venus square Pluto in the composite chart

    You are highly attracted to each other yet this relationship involves a steady undercurrent of tension.

    This friction can get in the way of the two of you bringing out the best in each other.

    Rather than being obsessive lovers you may become infatuated with each other because of jealousy or power struggles. You may also have strong sexual chemistry that fuels frustration if the feelings are not reciprocated in this relationship.

    Though you may not like each other or may have difficulties expressing love for each other, you certainly can’t forget each other.

    This may become a revolving door relationship or you may become competitive with each other.

    Yet if you are both able to adjust your expectations in this relationship you can come to find ways to empower each other without feeling like each partner stands in the other’s way.

    This relationship may be a catalyst for personal empowerment whether it is through being openly supportive or by testing each other’s strength through conflict.

    Venus trine Pluto in the composite chart

    You are both easily able to help each other find empowerment through your passionate connection.

    There is great sexual chemistry in this relationship. You may become obsessed with each other and your protective and nurturing instincts kick in to drive.

    This relationship can help you both feel supported both in love and in career. You’re both invested in helping each other create security and abundance.

    You can also find it easy to focus on each other’s strengths. Rather than competing with each other you collaborate easily and may be seen by others as a highly attractive power couple.

    You bring out each other’s fortune when it comes to manifestation and it may seem as if everything you both need just falls into place.

    You can also help each other undergo powerful personal transformation in the relationship through your shared nurturing and encouragement.

    Venus opposite Pluto in the composite chart

    There is great tension in this relationship and it can actually fuel the fire of passion.

    You may be infatuated with each other but the obsession can become toxic if you’re both not careful.

    You may see each other as partners who also bring status, and this can entangle your feelings with issues of pride and jealousy.

    You may also be attracted to the potential for sharing wealth together, but too much focus on materialism can undermine the relationship.

    Even though you don’t always have a harmonious connection, this relationship brings out the passion and intensity in each of you.

    You can use this energy to try to balance out each other’s strengths and weaknesses. Be careful not to become controlling or manipulative as you may both want to have the final say in this relationship.

    Venus quincunx Pluto in the composite chart

    You may both feel like you can’t live with or without each other.

    This is because the charisma is attractive, and you are both likely to be infatuated with each other.

    Yet you can also both feel insecure in this relationship. The connection can inspire you both to make profound personal changes and transformation that helps you to release fears from the past.

    In doing so, you can both mature and grow in ways that help not only your personal empowerment but also which help to strengthen the relationship.

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