Venus and Lilith aspects in the Composite Chart: How do we show love for each other’s hidden power and independence?

By 12andus

Venus-Lilith-Conj.jpg Venus conjunct Lilith in the composite chart

You are both likely to be attracted to each other’s independence and inner power.

This relationship can help you both become more independent and assertive. Though you are both magnetically attracted to each other, you are also both sensitive to being controlled.

This relationship can bring lessons about sharing power even in a relationship as close as yours.

You may inspire each other’s creativity and encourage each other to draw on your deeper subconscious and raw emotions. The sexual chemistry in this relationship can be highly charged.

This relationship can be highly dynamic and exciting. You both are enticed by each other and even if one of you makes a scene you’ll both be likely to match each other’s energies and thrive.

Venus sextile Lilith in the composite chart

You are both easily attracted to each other and you both inspire and excite each other.

This relationship can be dramatic but more harmonious than tumultuous. You both understand how to give each other space.

This relationship can be highly sexual and attractive to you both. You can easily encourage each other to express your true nature.

You both show your love and attraction to each other and don’t try to change each other’s personalities. Because you respect and admire each other’s true strength and creativity, neither of you try to dominate or control each other.

This can be a great relationship for romance as you can both empower each other to assert your needs.

Venus square Lilith in the composite chart

You are both drawn to each other and may fascinate each other.

Your appearance and beauty may be a significant point of attraction in the relationship. Through this connection you may both challenge each other’s concept of beauty.

You are both likely to struggle with control issues in this relationship. It may be difficult for you both to appreciate each other’s deep subconscious desires and true personality.

This relationship can be challenging for both of you as you may have to overcome jealousy and possessiveness in order to give each other the breathing room you both need to make the relationship thrive.

Venus trine Lilith in the composite chart

You are both highly attracted to each other.

This relationship can be dramatic, dynamic and intense. You may have a high level of sexual attraction and chemistry. Through this relationship, you may both feel empowered to explore your sexuality.

This can be an important relationship that teaches you both to value who you truly are. You both unconditionally love and accept each other, even the wild and untamed aspects of each other’s personalities.

Through this relationship you both can learn to share your unbridled nature and let your true power show. You are likely to help each other embrace your true subconscious power and creativity.

Venus opposite Lilith in the composite chart

You are both fascinated by each other yet you often clash with each other.

This relationship can bring out issues of power and control. You may both struggle to maintain personal power and it’s easy for the two of you to lash out and project your insecurities onto each other.

This can be an important relationship that teaches you both to honor your own power and independence.

You may struggle to understand these lessons and on the way to finding balance in this relationship you both may tend to blame each other for uncomfortable feelings.

The goal in this relationship is for the two of you to work together to support each other as you channel your power and intensity in creative ways rather than lashing out at each other.

Venus quincunx Lilith in the composite chart

You are both likely to find each other attractive and intriguing.

You may both be drawn to each other’s dark, wild power but also feel intimidated by each other.

Rather than trying to subdue or control each other, this relationship requires you both to give each other adequate space while still showing your love, affection and compassion for each other.

This relationship can be a catalyst for personal growth and empowerment. If you are both able to work on accepting your own inner Shadow side, this is an opportunity for you both to learn to channel your inner desires.

When you are each able to express and appreciate each other’s needs, you can learn to support and nurture each other’s true personality without feeling the need to change or subdue each other.

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