Venus and Ceres aspects in the Composite Chart: How do we find nurturing, love and satisfaction in this relationship?

    By 12andus

    Venus-Ceres-Conj.jpg Venus conjunct Ceres in the composite chart

    You are both generous with your nurturing and compassionate nature.

    This is an ideal placement for family, friendship and romance. You are brought together to show compassion and may be concerned with taking care of each other’s physical and emotional needs during difficult times.

    You are both likely to have an instinctive understanding of how to make each other feel comfortable. It’s also likely that you will both try to comfort each other by pampering each other.

    Treating each other to favorite luxuries can also be instrumental to the style you both use to show your love for each other.

    Making sure each partner is well fed, physically comfortable and feeling adored and admired is important to you both.

    This relationship can bring out the desires you both have to show each other compassion and generosity.

    Materialism can be a way that you both try to show your love, but it is not a shallow attempt to show how you both feel. Each of you understands that gifts are a way of showing love and affection.

    Venus sextile Ceres in the composite chart

    You are both compassionate, caring and kind to each other.

    You’re easily attracted to each other and through this relationship your shared love of beauty, comfort and harmony are easily brought to the surface.

    This is a great placement for family, friendship, and romance. You are both concerned with making sure that each partner feels secure and you’ll be likely to create a pleasant environment and try to keep the peace.

    The two of you are likely to easily understand how to make each other feel nurtured. You are also likely to both associate beauty with comfort and stability.

    You feel attracted to each other and understand that you can both rely on each other.

    Venus square Ceres in the composite chart

    You are both easily drawn to each other and may find each other attractive and caring.

    Yet in spite of the love you feel for each other, you may find it difficult to express your comfort and encouragement to each other.

    This relationship can challenge you both to become more conscientious of each other’s needs and comforts.

    You may try to show affection and nurturing but miss the mark. If you are not careful, you may both act according to what you would personally find comforting without taking into consideration what type of nurturing your partner truly wants.

    Yet if you are both able to listen to each other and become more assertive about your needs, this relationship can bring the motivation you both need to speak to each other’s deeper desires.

    Venus trine Ceres in the composite chart

    You are both able to easily perceive what would make each other comfortable.

    This can be an ideal placement for romance and family. You can also find it easy to make each other feel secure.

    You understand how to appeal to each other’s desires for beauty, peace, love and affection. Taking care of each other’s needs is nurturing and satisfying to both of you individually.

    This relationship can be quite affectionate, and you may love each other’s compassionate and caring nature.

    This relationship may also involve caretaking as you both try to set a comfortable foundation for each other.

    Venus opposite Ceres in the composite chart

    You are both concerned with showing your love and compassion to each other.

    Yet you may have clashing ideas of what this should look like. This relationship can bring differences to the surface as you may both have to work through misunderstandings and really meet each other halfway.

    You may try to give each other gifts or show you care for each other by pampering each other, when in reality you both actually want emotional connection and acts of admiration and kindness.

    Be careful not to project your desires onto each other. This is an ideal relationship for romance as you can help each other overcome superficial insecurities and jealousy in this relationship.

    Venus quincunx Ceres in the composite chart

    You are both likely to be attracted to each other and you may see each other as the missing piece that would make your life complete.

    However, approaching this relationship with this perspective can interfere with the strength of the connection you are trying to create together.

    Instead of putting each other on a pedestal or devoting your time to nurturing each other, it’s best for you both to work on nurturing your own personal needs.

    You are both likely to show each other a great deal of kindness and compassion. Yet unless you are both also working on finding sustenance and healing elsewhere in your lives, this relationship can start to bend under the weight of high expectations.

    If you are both able to create your own sources of nurturing and security, this relationship can be fulfilling and long lasting.

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