Venus and Pholus aspects in the Composite Chart: How does this relationship serve as a turning point in the way you both view love and romance?

    By 12andus

    Venus-Pholus-Conj.jpg Venus conjunct Pholus in the composite chart

    This relationship may seem to come to fruition unexpectedly.

    You may both be in the midst of self-doubts or negative expectations when it comes to love, but coming into each other’s lives can reignite both of your ability to believe in love.

    You can both come to understand love and relationships in a new way. For both of you, this relationship can be a lifechanging milestone, awakening your desires and romantic instincts.

    This can be a powerful relationship for both of you, becoming a gamechanger that helps you both come to understand your own values and desires.

    You may help each other overcome stagnation or hopelessness in love and romance.

    A small and seemingly routine incident may lead the two of you to make dramatic and life-changing strides together and this relationship may originate from unexpected beginnings that have a big impact on you both.

    Venus sextile Pholus in the composite chart

    You are both likely to enter each other’s lives in some seemingly small and unassuming way.

    Yet you both have a dramatic impact on each other. You may both alter the way you see love and relationships.

    An unexpected breakthrough can help you both find the connection and love you’ve been looking for.

    You can also both easily help each other make the most of unexpected changes and milestones.

    This relationship can bring inspiration, love and support that helps you both feel secure even amidst tumultuous changes and crises.

    Venus square Pholus in the composite chart

    You are both drawn together through unusual and dramatic events that seem unexpected.

    Small steps that can be catalysts for large-scale dramatic crises and events can make it difficult for the two of you to maintain the connection you have.

    Though you may love each other and have a solid foundation, you may have to help each other make sense of and work through tumultuous issues that change your ideas of love and romance.

    Some of these epiphanies may be shocking and challenge the preconceived notions you both had about love. Yet through this relationship you can find the motivation to help each other gain new perspective on love and relationships.

    Venus trine Pholus in the composite chart

    You are both drawn to each other under dramatic and unusual circumstances.

    This can be a relationship that thrives because of unlikely small steps having a significant impact on both of your lives.

    Though you may meet each other as a result of a dramatic catalyst that can be life changing, you are both likely to make the most of lifechanging milestones that require you to adapt your plans.

    With the love and support you show to each other, it can be easier for you both to embrace starting over.

    A dramatic change beyond your control can’t be avoided though you both are likely to be able to help each other make the most of the situation.

    This relationship can make you both feel fortunate to have each other as you are likely to share new perspectives and help each other make sense of major life changing events.

    Venus opposite Pholus in the composite chart

    You are both attracted to each other, yet circumstances beyond your control may challenge the relationship.

    This relationship can be undermined by cataclysmic events that forever change your perspectives and options.

    Rather than a crisis naturally bringing the two of you together, you may navigate a crisis thinking of what is best for you as an individual or questioning the relationship.

    Though it will not be easy and your first instincts may be to think only of your own path, a dramatic milestone or life changing event has the potential to help you both appreciate the relationship.

    Yet it will take effort and attention to the relationship in spite of the stress of external events to make this relationship work.

    You may both have to put additional effort into nurturing your connection during crisis.

    Venus quincunx Pholus in the composite chart

    You are both likely to form a loving and affectionate relationship but your relationship is challenged by unexpected crises.

    It’s easy for you both to be considerate and supportive during good times. What truly tests your connection is when you both have to navigate unexpected changes.

    Groundbreaking and lifechanging events can shake the core of this relationship and test your commitment to each other.

    Yet if you are both able to see past the sacrifices you may have to make individually, you can work together to form a solid and loving bond.

    You may also be able to help support each other through dramatic changes that can be life-altering.

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