Mars and Saturn aspects in the Composite Chart: How do we help bring our passions into formation?

    By 12andus

    Mars-Saturn-Conj.jpg Mars conjunct Saturn in the composite chart

    This is a serious and intense relationship.

    You may be drawn together because of a shared mission involving work, career, or finance.

    You easily motivate each other to bring your passions into formation. Through this relationship you can both begin to set a solid foundation that may lead to success.

    You understand that boundaries and limitations are necessary yet you don’t slow each other down. Instead, this relationship combines determination and focus with practical wisdom.

    When the two of you work together, you can be honest, sincere and committed to your shared goals. You may focus on serious matters, but this is out of a desire to protect each other and be realistic.

    You both are willing to work together to solidify important details and set a secure baseline in matters of work, finance and home.

    Mars sextile Saturn in the composite chart

    This relationship can be motivating and can inspire you both to create a secure foundation.

    Through this relationship, you can both blend confidence and passion with practical wisdom. You are both likely to be successful because of this.

    It’s easy for the two of you to work diligently to make your goals a reality. This can be a great placement for relationships that are serious, long term and that have a beneficial impact on career and finances.

    Even when you go through hardships together, you are both concerned with working to provide stability and you can be protective of each other.

    You are both assertive with each other and can bring out each other’s need for strength and determination.

    Mars square Saturn in the composite chart

    You both want to try to be in control because security is important to you.

    Yet without the right balance in this relationship, it’s likely that you both project fears, jealousies and insecurities onto each other. You may both have to deal with restrictions in this relationship.

    You may also both try too hard to get each other to do what you think is right. You don’t always see eye to eye with each other and power struggles can keep this relationship from being as secure as you would both like.

    Yet if you are able to hear each other out and work on trying to understand each other’s motivations and desires, this relationship can become a source of stability.

    The two of you can help each other to channel our passions in practical ways, ensuring your desires become reality.

    Mars trine Saturn in the composite chart

    You are both determined and motivated to succeed.

    This relationship can be instrumental in helping the two of you put your passions into action. You can work together to create a solid foundation for the long run.

    Though you both take matters seriously, you’re also likely to be protective and encouraging.

    You both have the energy and focus to work toward your shared ambitions. This can eb a great relationship for business collaborations and you can encourage each other to overcome hardship.

    Even when you face limitations or restrictions, the two of you know how to make the best of difficult situations and can usually succeed with each other’s help when all is said and done.

    Mars opposite Saturn in the composite chart

    This can be a strained and challenging relationship.

    At best, you both struggle to find common ground in your relationship. If you stick to business matters, you can try to find a balance between your passion and practical needs.

    Limitations and challenges mark this relationship and may lead the two of you to be at odds with each other.

    It’s not easy for the two of you to reconcile your differences. You may hold grudges or mistrust each other’s motives, and this can interfere with your successes as a couple.

    Mars quincunx Saturn in the composite chart

    This relationship can bring tension and frustrations to the surface as you both try to be in charge.

    Though you are both strong-willed and determined, you may not know exactly how to navigate around each other.

    This relationship can lead you both to challenge your own views of things like power, boundaries and assertiveness.

    If you are both willing to be honest with yourselves, you can acknowledge shortcomings and limitations and work together for success.

    It’s important to have a practical and realistic mindset. Otherwise, you may both end up projecting your fears and insecurities onto each other.

    If you are both patient and able to stay focused, grounded and passionate about your mission, you can help each other establish a solid foundation that leads to success.

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