Mars and Uranus aspects in the Composite Chart: How do we bring powerful, unexpected surprises into each other’s lives?

    By 12andus

    Mars-Uranus-Conj.jpg Mars conjunct Uranus in the composite chart

    Explosive and unexpected surprises are part of this relationship.

    You both can bring shocking changes into each other’s lives. Though you may express shocking and hectic energy together in this relationship, the unpredictable energy you share can also uplift you both.

    You may help each other overcome limitations and obstacles through your shared impulsivity.

    When the two of you are together, you may fan the flames of drama that can bring excitement but also chaos.

    Whether you help each other navigate dramatic breakthroughs or bring havoc into each other’s lives, you both have an unmistakable impact on each other’s lives.

    When you two are together, you’ll ensure nothing will ever be the same in each other’s lives again.

    Mars sextile Uranus in the composite chart

    The two of you easily bring optimism and excitement into each other’s lives.

    This relationship can be a catalyst for unexpected twists and turns. Rather than dredging up insecurities however, you are both likely to find this connection thrilling and inspiring.

    You can both encourage each other to take risks. This relationship helps you both break out of stagnation and put your dreams and visions into action.

    You may both support each other’s goals and dreams without hesitation. Neither of you is likely to stifle the others’ plans and you may help each other respond to spontaneous opportunities.

    Mars square Uranus in the composite chart

    The two of you know how to motivate each other to take dramatic risks.

    Though you help each other express your unique identity through your connection to each other, you are also both likely to trigger each other to make needed changes.

    You may feel like you have a “frenemy” relationship, in which you frustrate each other but also help promote each other’s growth through encouraging each other to take risks.

    An undercurrent of competition can also keep you both on your toes in this relationship.

    Mars trine Uranus in the composite chart

    You are both likely to set off fireworks in each other’s lives now.

    You may both know just how to push each other’s buttons and through this relationship you help each other take major risks that can trigger personal growth.

    Career moves and physical relocation, the end of a relationship or beginning of a new career, these are all the types of radical and even impulsive changes you set into motion in each other’s lives.

    This can be an exciting and dramatic partnership. You enhance each other’s love of adventure and can compel each other to make unusual and innovative changes that break with convention.

    Mars opposite Uranus in the composite chart

    This is an exciting and energizing partnership.

    The two of you can stimulate each other’s desires and challenge each other to make dramatic changes.

    Though you are both opinionated and strong-willed, your devotion to your own ambitions can lead to friction that motivates you both.

    This can be a relationship that brings out the adversarial, competitive and tenacious side you both have.

    It can be challenging for you both to learn to collaborate with each other. You’ll both need to lower your defenses and blend your intense energies.

    Mars quincunx Uranus in the composite chart

    You may rub each other the wrong way initially.

    Both of you are determined and strong willed. You may each feel like being true to your own desires and ambitions requires you to be on your guard with each other.

    Yet with some changes to perspective, you may both come to see each other as invigorating and inspiring allies.

    You can help each other overcome obstacles and succeed in your endeavors by challenging each other to make much needed dramatic changes.

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