Mars and Neptune aspects in the Composite Chart: How do we bring motivation and focus to each other’s dreams?

By 12andus

Mars-Neptune-Conj.jpg Mars conjunct Neptune in the composite chart

You are both likely to act with great passion especially when it comes to bringing your dreams into reality.

With each other’s encouragement, you can both encourage each other’s desires and abstract dreams.

Your shared desires won’t remain fantasies because you’ll have each other’s help focusing on bringing each other’s dreams to manifestation.

This is a highly passionate relationship, and you may feel a spiritual and emotional bond.

You are both eager to explore healing and spirituality together. This can be a great relationship for romance and friendship. If you work together, you can help each other find success by believing in each other’s dreams.

This partnership can bring out the love, compassion and courage you both have. You can both find the confidence to make each other’s dreams come true because working together fuels your shared passions.

Mars sextile Neptune in the composite chart

You both bring sentimentality, passion and direction into each other’s lives.

This is an ideal relationship for friendship or romance. You can help to foster each other’s dreams and help each other act on shared desires.

You are both romantic and passionate and this relationship can bring out your shared confidence and optimism.

You are both eager to encourage each other to take risks and follow your dreams. You may feel a spiritual connection to each other.

You may also both care about helping to make each other’s fantasies into reality. Through this connection you may both come to believe in the possibility of your shared vision becoming real.

Mars square Neptune in the composite chart

You are both drawn to each other because you feel an intense connection that is both emotional and spiritual.

You both challenge each other to see the truth in illusions. Though you may frustrate each other at times, you are also instrumental in helping each other to find motivation.

Without each other’s influence, you could both become complacent. Because of your connection to each other, you are more likely to act on your dreams and fantasies rather than just keeping your ambitions as abstract visions.

You can help each other take action to accomplish what you desire. This is a great relationship for romance as you both have great passion and imagination, and these two things combine to make your shared dreams a reality.

Mars trine Neptune in the composite chart

You are both able to inspire each other to follow your dreams.

Neither of you will discourage the other because a goal or mission seems too far-fetched. In fact, you would both rather cheer each other on as you pursue your desires.

As a romantic partnership, this relationship can bring out the best in both of your idealism and spirituality.

You can also work together to encourage each other to act on your wishes and desires.

This partnership blends just the right amount of vision, fantasy, imagination and drive to make seemingly impossible things happen.

Mars opposite Neptune in the composite chart

Though you may clash when it comes to sharing your dreams and vision, you may both find it easy to motivate each other.

With the right amount of effort and diligent work, you can help inspire each other to believe in miracles and act on your desires.

Initially you may both struggle to understand each other’s deep emotional needs. Your passions may conflict leading to jealousy and possessiveness.

But with some effort, you can both grow to appreciate each other’s dreams and encourage each other to believe in your bigger vision.

This relationship can motivate you both to move toward accomplishing your desires and goals.

Mars quincunx Neptune in the composite chart

Through this relationship, you can both make adjustments to your own perspective and challenge each other to strive toward your dreams.

This is an important relationship for helping each other find inspiration and courage to reach for the stars.

Though you may not fully understand each other’s emotions or desires initially, you care enough to encourage each other nonetheless.

You may both cheer each other on as you put energy into overcoming obstacles and achieving your dreams.

You are also both able to the inspiration to help each other find delve deeper into your spiritual and emotional connection.

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