Mars and Pluto aspects in the Composite Chart: How do we motivate each other to embrace intense transformation?

    By 12andus

    Mars-Pluto-Conj.jpg Mars conjunct Pluto in the composite chart

    You are both intense and passionate, and this is part of the attraction you have to each other.

    This relationship can help you both find the confidence and determination you both need to release burdens from the past and reinvent yourselves.

    This relationship can be intense, dramatic and highly sexually charged. You both know how to fuel each other’s desires for success.

    This can be a motivating and empowering relationship both in friendship, love, and professional relationships.

    Though you want to see each other succeed, you may also be tempted to compete with each other as well.

    Try to leverage your shared motivation to help each other embrace transformation as this is a natural facet of this relationship.

    Mars sextile Pluto in the composite chart

    The two of you are easily able to encourage each other’s passions.

    This relationship can be the source of empowerment and inspiration for you both.

    You may come into each other’s lives during a time of dramatic change or losses. But rather than feeling the weight of loss and sadness, the two of you help each other to make the most out of loss, change and transformation.

    You can each help each other channel your passions and support each other’s success.

    Whether friendship, romance, or business collaboration, this relationship helps you both become more spirited and motivated to make necessary personal changes.

    Mars square Pluto in the composite chart

    You both inspire each other’s competitive and intense energy.

    You can challenge each other to make personal changes that help you take risks and strive for success.

    Though you may not see eye to eye, the two of you can encourage each other to push your personal boundaries.

    This relationship can be a source of motivation because you are both driven to succeed, even if it means trying to compete with each other over power or recognition.

    Though you may have a tense relationship filled with debates, jealousies, and insecurities, if you find ways to work together, you’ll both be able to push past obstructions and limitations, embracing transformation.

    Mars trine Pluto in the composite chart

    You are both magnetically attracted to each other.

    Through this relationship you both easily find power and confidence. You can be passionate and driven, yet rather than competing with each other, you’re both likely to encourage each other.

    This can be a powerful partnership and you can help each other advance in career and professional life.

    This is an ideal relationship for romance, friendship and professional collaboration.

    You are both likely to have a highly sexually charged relationship as well. Through your connection you both become emboldened to express your passionate and focused energy to accomplish your goals.

    Mars opposite Pluto in the composite chart

    You may feel at odds with each other a lot of the time.

    Through this relationship, you are both likely to come to terms with issues of empowerment and self-confidence.

    This can be a great relationship for the two of you to help each other overcome fears and insecurities and learn to harness your strengths and passion.

    Through this connection, the two of you are likely to push each other’s buttons and may spar on a number of issues.

    Yet this relationship can also be the springboard for both of you to make empowering personal changes. Even if your initial intention is to outfox each other, you end up serving each other’s growth and success.

    It may be difficult for the two of you to set aside conflicts and stop competing with each other, but if you do, you’ll be better able to work together to succeed in your personal and professional ambitions.

    Mars quincunx Pluto in the composite chart

    You are both drawn to each other and your energies may be overwhelming.

    This is a great relationship for each of you to learn from. You can each find greater personal empowerment through this relationship, even when arguments and tension leads you to clash with each other.

    You are both likely to challenge each other and through conflicts you both find your ambitions and power.

    You may encourage each other to clarify your goals and focus on self-improvement.

    You are both likely to encourage each other to undergo much needed personal transformation that leads to growth and an increase in confidence.

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