Mars and Ceres aspects in the Composite Chart: How do we nurture each other’s passions and ambitions?

    By 12andus

    Mars-Ceres-Conj.jpg Mars conjunct Ceres in the composite chart

    You are both entrenched in each other’s passions and ambitions and you naturally cater to each other’s desires.

    This relationship can help you both overcome insecurities and find the confidence and focus to fulfill your ambitions together.

    You both help each other to avoid burning out. You both are eager to pamper each other and tend to each other’s practical needs.

    This relationship can enhance your courage, motivation and confidence. You may both be appreciative of each other’s nurturing and sensitive nature.

    You can help each other become more optimistic and see the best potential if you take care of each other’s basic needs.

    You can both find each other’s encouragement and inspiration rejuvenating and exciting.

    Mars sextile Ceres in the composite chart

    You are likely to bring out each other’s passions and confidence.

    You know how to nurture each other and show you care about each other’s successes.

    Through this relationship, you both help bring excitement and motivation into each other’s lives, helping each other to feel comfortable with your own power.

    You may help each other take risks that benefit your home and family relationships as well.

    It is easy for you both to fuel each other’s desires and you both know how to keep the connection in the relationship strong and secure.

    Mars square Ceres in the composite chart

    You are likely to both frustrate each other because it’s difficult for you both to anticipate each other’s emotional needs.

    You may be drawn to each other’s confidence and passions, yet because you both try to be strong and resilient, you may end up sending mixed signals.

    You may both want to be nurtured and loved in different ways. Without being attuned to each other’s energy and emotional needs you may end up pushing each other away or leaving each other feeling invalidated.

    It takes some effort and adjustment but you are eventually able to nurture each other’s goals and ambitions. Through this relationship you may both come to understand the importance of assertiveness and balancing generosity with boundaries.

    Mars trine Ceres in the composite chart

    You both have a special gift for understanding just how to nurture each other and show your loving compassion.

    You both take the initiative to make sure each other knows just how loved you both are.

    This relationship brings out your protective and loving nature as you both are attentive to each other’s needs.

    Through this connection you are both likely to help inspire and uplift each other. You also bring out each other’s confidence.

    This relationship can be ideal for love, romance, and family. You may also inspire each other to succeed in career.

    Mars opposite Ceres in the composite chart

    You may both have difficulty expressing your nurturing side in this relationship.

    This is a great relationship for helping to motivate each other though you may both instigate each other and push each other’s buttons.

    You can both have difficulty letting your guard down and can unintentionally trigger each other’s resentments and anger.

    This relationship can put you both on edge. You’ll need to challenge each other to let your guard down and show your soft, caring and nurturing side.

    This relationship challenges you both to find a balance between your compassionate and sensitive nature and your determined and ambitious nature.

    Mars quincunx Ceres in the composite chart

    You can both find it challenging to get your emotional needs met while also standing up for your individual desires.

    You both have to find the right balance between being protective and demanding and also nurturing each other’s emotional needs.

    You may have to work on coming to a common understanding regarding how intense you come across to each other and the tone you use in interacting with each other.

    You express your determination and passions in different ways and this can cause you to clash with each other at times.

    You may both have to come to terms with making changes to how you express your nurturing and ambitious energies. Once you both adapt to how each other likes to be shown love, it will be easier for you to align with each other.

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