Mars and Pallas aspects in the Composite Chart: How do we empower each other’s mission and strategies?

    By 12andus

    Mars-Pallas-Conj.jpg Mars conjunct Pallas in the composite chart

    You are both determined and driven.

    You inspire each other and know just how to fuel each other’s passions. Through this relationship, you both empower each other to find the confidence and courage you each need to conquer obstacles on your path.

    You may share focused, militant energy related to your mission and purpose. You can help each other come up with strategies that help you both succeed.

    Through this relationship, you can both find the inspiration to take risks and pursue your ambitions, connecting the dots as you help each other win at every challenge.

    Your relationship can be feisty, but your shared passions encourage each other. You can find it mentally stimulating and empowering to have to work through a conflict.

    Mars sextile Pallas in the composite chart

    You are both creative and passionate and you easily encourage each other to succeed.

    This can be an encouraging and inspiring relationship for you both. Through this relationship, you can both become more driven to find unique ways to succeed in your shared dreams.

    There is a strong intellectual connection that you both share, but matters quickly go from intellectual to passionate as you help motivate each other to act on your ambitions.

    This relationship provides fertile ground for you both to think outside the box and find solutions to your unique challenges by working together to see the bigger patterns you would otherwise miss.

    Mars square Pallas in the composite chart

    You can both be sharp, witty and determined, but you’re not always working toward the same ambitions.

    It can be challenging for the two of you to align your interests. You will both need to work to adjust your expectations and try to see each other’s perspectives.

    It is not easy for you both to agree about how you accomplish your goals. You have strong opinions about your preferred tactics, but your ideas often clash.

    You may criticize each other for being too direct, too dominating or for acting before thinking through all the possible consequences.

    This relationship can remind you both of the importance of slowing down and being creative about how you accomplish your goals.

    With some effort, you can both learn to work together and can become quite a powerhouse. This relationship can help you both learn to collaborate and bring your creativity and power toward a common cause.

    Mars trine Pallas in the composite chart

    You can both be attracted to each other because you share an intellectual, creative, and passionate bond.

    This relationship can give you both a surge of energy and you easily work together to overcome challenges and help each other succeed in accomplishing your goals.

    This relationship can help you both step up your game and achieve personal success because you help each other create winning strategies for success.

    You may both find it easy to guide each other on a dramatic mission that leads you both closer to succeeding in your goals.

    This relationship can help you both find the confidence and empowerment you need to come up with creative and inventive solutions to your problems.

    You may also be passionate and fired up about your dreams and you help each other navigate difficult situations.

    Mars opposite Pallas in the composite chart

    You may both struggle to advance toward your desires in this relationship.

    You may both try to be the leader in the partnership or you may also try to dominate each other and demand each other follow your lead without working together.

    One of the major challenges in this relationship can be finding ways for you both to work through your egotistic desires and collaborate together.

    This relationship can teach you both important lessons about perseverance. You can learn, with some effort, to put your passion and vision into leading each other to success.

    Yet you will first have to find a balance in terms of understanding what you each desire. This relationship can push both of your creative buttons and you’ll need a channel for your energy.

    Mars quincunx Pallas in the composite chart

    This is an intense relationship that can lead you both to push boundaries and take risks.

    The connection the two of you have is based on a desire to share your intellectual gifts and unique vision so that you can both succeed.

    You can be encouraging and inspiring to each other, but until you both learn to work through your own personal trials and tribulations, you will both face dead ends or power struggles.

    You may not trust yourself and may lean too heavily on each other as mentors or guides.

    Or you may not fully trust each other’s unique creative vision, leading to doubts and suspicions that undermine your success.

    With some effort, you can both become more empowered to trust yourselves and share your unique vision with each other.

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