Jupiter and Lilith aspects in the Composite Chart: How do we amplify each other’s wild and rebellious energy?

Jupiter-Lilith-Conj.jpg Jupiter conjunct Lilith in the composite chart

You can easily help each other expand your creativity.

By drawing on your shared ideals and commitment to authenticity, you encourage each other to explore your sexual desires and inhibited fantasies.

This is an exciting, uplifting, and intense relationship. You both are easily able to help uplift each other’s subconscious, wild desires.

Through this relationship, you are both likely to become rebellious and creative, finding outlets for your Shadow side.

This can lead you both to healing and insight because you don’t try to subdue each other’s passions.

You may both also amplify each other’s creative and rebellious energy and you may feel like partners in crime as well as being a highly passionate romantic couple.

The sexual chemistry in this relationship can be enhanced by conflict and you’ll help each other evolve and grow personally because you challenge each other.

Jupiter sextile Lilith in the composite chart

You both amplify each other’s rebellious nature.

You can help each other find confidence and empowerment. You can both inspire and encourage each other to be true to your individual nature.

Neither of you tries to overpower each other. This relationship brings out the best in you both as you help soften each other’s edgy and raw power.

Thus you can help each other tap into your deeper sources of power and confidence.

Even when your unbridled passions can seem intense, you can both help each other express your power in creative ways.

This relationship also helps you both find lucky breaks that help you transform pent up frustrations in positive ways.

Jupiter square Lilith in the composite chart

You both want to enjoy the inspiration and positivity this relationship brings, but trying to stifle your inner wild side can backfire.

This relationship requires you both to be authentic and honest with yourselves and each other about your deep fears and anxieties.

Spiritual bypassing and toxic positivity can damage this relationship. The two of you simply won’t be able to abide superficiality and sweeping your problems under the rug will not be sustainable.

Through this relationship, you both find motivation and clarity you need to be true to your inner desires.

Your passions and raw emotions can clash with the idealism you share as a couple. It will be essential for you both to work on accepting and appreciating your wild and raw inner creativity and power.

When you can accept this in yourselves you’ll be better able to bring out the strengths and creativity in each other.

Jupiter trine Lilith in the composite chart

You both amplify each other’s inner power and wild, creative energy.

This relationship can be highly sexually charged, and though you’ll both want to take the lead, the two of you can also find it easy to play off each other’s strengths.

You may be instrumental in helping each other overcome insecurities from the past. Your wild imagination and creative strengths can fuel each other’s inspiration.

You may propel each other toward pursuing your dreams. As a couple, neither of you will be stifled or controlled. Yet you’ll easily help each other express your unique and authentic desires and passions, regardless of what anyone else thinks.

Jupiter opposite Lilith in the composite chart

You may both try to keep a positive outlook even if it means trying to stifle your inner power and creativity.

Yet this is not sustainable in this relationship. Through your connection to each other, you both learn to find greater independence and can become comfortable channeling your wild inner passions on a grand scale.

You may both inspire each other to take bigger risks as a couple. This relationship can also be a catalyst for you both to face up to your repressed Shadow side.

By treating each other with acceptance, admiration and respect, you can both bring out each other’s playful, fun and inspiring side, even while acknowledging your Shadow energy.

You both help each other overcome fears that led you to suppress your power, passion and creativity in the first place.

Jupiter quincunx Lilith in the composite chart

You are both drawn to each other because of your admiration for each other’s power and influence.

Yet this energy challenges you both to be true to your deep inner desires. You may try to go to extremes of avoiding dealing with your shared fears of being controlled.

This relationship can tempt you both to try to focus only on the positive or on the dreams you both wish to chase together, however at some point, you’ll both need to find a balance between this and your authentic raw power.

You both have a strong desire to express your individualistic and creative side. This is a relationship that offers you both lessons in channeling your subconscious power and rebelling against the status quo.

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