Jupiter and Eros aspects in the Composite Chart: How is pleasure and happiness amplified in this relationship?


    Jupiter-Eros-Conj.jpg Jupiter conjunct Eros in the composite chart

    This relationship amplifies your sexual chemistry and interests in each other.

    Through this connection, you both find it easier to adventure and explore in the bedroom. More specifically, you both may even take your sexual experimentation outside of the bedroom and into different locations.

    You are both turned on by travel, change of scenery, and also by ideas and beliefs. You may be able to turn each other on by appealing to each other’s desire for luxury and status.

    Spontaneity and creativity are also a turn on for you both in the relationship. Whatever brings pleasure or joy into the relationship you are both likely to want to expand and add on to it.

    There is no moderation for the two of you when it comes to exploring pleasure and sexuality. You both go to great lengths to satisfy each other sexually.

    When it comes to intimacy, there is nothing the two of you won’t explore and you are both honest and open with each other.

    Neither one of you is judgmental about each other’s desires. You both enjoy expanding each other’s perspectives and can blend pleasure and sensuality with a love of gambling.

    Your style of approaching sexuality is playful and you may both enjoy playing sexual games that expand the pleasure you both enjoy.

    Jupiter sextile Eros in the composite chart

    It’s easy for the two of you to expand each other’s minds when it comes to beliefs about sexuality.

    You may help each other to become more confident in expressing your sexual desires. Through this relationship, you both inspire each other to become more optimistic and enjoy sexuality.

    You help each other experiment sexually and can introduce each other to new sexual interests that blend sensuality and philosophy or idealism.

    This relationship can expand the beliefs and ideas about how to enjoy pleasure together. You can both pamper each other and bring luxury and playfulness into the bedroom.

    Jupiter square Eros in the composite chart

    Friction and tension spurned by differing beliefs and ideology can trigger pleasure and sensuality in this relationship.

    Though you may not always agree with each other, part of the sexual stimulation and attraction stems from playful debates. You also feel like you discover new ways of viewing the world by learning from each other.

    There is ongoing tension beneath the surface because of your differences of opinion and values, but this brings further excitement as the two of you chase each other.

    Sexual pleasure is often the byproduct of friction in the relationship. Even disagreements are typically lighthearted and can lead to further desire.

    It’s not easy for the two of you to expand on your search for pleasure. Yet if you are both able to keep your attitudes playful and work to create confidence in each other, this can become an exciting and sexually stimulating relationship.

    Jupiter trine Eros in the composite chart

    This relationship helps to elevate pleasure and sexuality as you both become more open to experimentation.

    Through this relationship, you both expand your desires and may become eager to push past boundaries in the bedroom.

    This relationship brings pleasure and excitement that is amplified by your shared playfulness and potential to stimulate each other both intellectually and physically.

    You are both likely to enjoy gambling and taking risks and this shows in your intimacy with each other. Playing games in bed or taking risks that push each other’s boundaries enhances each other’s pleasure in the sexual connection.

    Jupiter opposite Eros in the composite chart

    You are both likely to have different beliefs and attitudes toward sexuality and pleasure.

    This can lead you both to clash with each other especially when it comes to intimacy. Yet this tension can lead to further pleasure if you are both able to find balance between independence and intimacy.

    You can both face off over ideas and beliefs and this can be a turn off or it can become further fuel your sexual chemistry.

    Through this relationship, the two of you can work to find balance and use the creative and sexually stimulating energy produced from the tension in the relationship.

    Jupiter quincunx Eros in the composite chart

    You are both likely to teach each other valuable lessons regarding pleasure and confidence.

    Initially, this relationship is a source of stimulation and attraction, but the two of you may struggle to find the confidence to express your sexual desires.

    You both find pleasure and sensuality together and through trial and error you can each bring your sensual nature out to the forefront.

    This relationship can help you both become more empowered and confident in yourselves. This helps you both to learn to express your sexual interests and experiment in the bedroom.

    Once you are both able to work through restricting beliefs about sexuality, you’ll be able to help each other become more open and expressive, enhancing the sexual chemistry in the relationship.

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